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Second Xi at Harrogate

August 30 2017, 5:06 PM 

In a very recent interview, 44 year old Richard Kettleborough described himself as having "three very young children". It seems unlikely that 24 year old James is one of them. He may, of course, be a more distant relative.

Geoff B
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It's a friendly!

August 30 2017, 8:02 PM 

Some criticism of the bowlers in earlier posts.

I'm sure they have their instructions on just how much effort to put into bowling during this game. No more than 80% I would expect.

Last thing we need is for one or more of them to pull up lame at such a critical point in the season.

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Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

August 30 2017, 9:05 PM 

Been today.

Key issue I suppose is what does it tell us about the first team for the reminder of the season? Hard to say!

Geoff is right with his assumption that the bowlers were definitely operating within themselves, avoiding injury and doing not much more than getting a few overs in the legs. However there was possibly a little more intensity in the evening session, when parts of the afternoon had a definite air of pre-season practice!

The bowling figures more or less tell a fair story. Sid and Coad did well enough and looked the best bet, Plunkett, bowling at 80% on a slow track, was what you'd expect, Bres started very poorly but pulled it back and Jack remains a real concern. We kept very attacking fields, were happy to keep the game moving, hence the scoring rates. A huge proportion of the runs went to third man and we weren't to bothered, I wouldn't read much into the individual economy rates.

Batting, Lees and Liam flogged a further 101 in 12 overs, with complete ease, enough said.

MM and AG watched on, perhaps they learned more than me, I'm sure they did.

With Patto missing from the game I assume he's not in contention for next week. With David Willey away for the final three games and Liam ahead of him for next week and Ryan also available, I suppose we saw no point David W playing in this one.

A few present but for some reason York, Stamford Bridge and Barnsley always seem to attract more to 2nd team games.

Idle man: I agree we've handled the Rhodes departure very well, I just thought Matthew Waite who'll be here next year was the better pick for this game. I've said it before, I'm sad Will is leaving and think its a mistake although we probably need to factor in he most likely wanted to leave to seek more 1st team opportunities elsewhere rather than his being 'released'.

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Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

August 30 2017, 11:29 PM 

Are we (Yorkshire) sure that Willey will get selected for the ODIs? His batting was good in the T20 comp, but he doesnt really get a look in in that department for England, and his bowling has not been good this season in the shorter form, which is England's primary concern. I can see him being overlooked. Part of me would like him to be given the final four games to really prove himself. He was signed as a long term replacement for Sidebottom, and I cant see him being happy - particularly if his England career is at an end - only to play in the shorter form. On the other hand, does he get selected in our best bowling line up. No. Can we play him as a batsman who bowls a bit? Possibly? It is interesting that he wasn't even in the draft for the South African T20 comp.

Geoff B
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David Willey

August 31 2017, 8:41 AM 

On balance I think Willey will be picked for the ODI squad this time but he isn't certain to get a game.

He is an all rounder who happens to bowl left handed rather than a direct replacement for Siddy.

Expect Bres to be more effective without the captaincy to worry about next week. But if he has another poor game Willey might be an option, but only if he isn't selected for the England squad.

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Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

August 31 2017, 9:38 AM 

Of course nobody is ever a replacement for someone else - and we would be lucky if we ever found a bowler of the talent and longevity. Nonetheless, when Willey was signed, both he and the club played up the opportunities for him to learn from Sidebottom and there was a sense of the baton being passed from one left armer to another. It is a shame that events have not really allowed this to happen in the way that we might have wanted. England call ups and injuries to both parties etc. Maybe if Sidebottom is retained by the club in some capacity, there may be an opportunity for more intensive mentoring and coaching from Sidebottom?

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Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

August 31 2017, 10:56 AM 

Stu: "Brooks may be expensive but Plunkett & Bresnan are far worse."

Not at the time I posted, they weren't.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

August 31 2017, 10:59 AM 

Apologies Fraisse.

Geoff B
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September 4 2017, 8:20 AM 

Always impressed when somebody gets 180, even in a friendly with the bowlers in 3rd gear.

Looks to be someone whose been round the block a bit and looking for a job.


Like the runs scored by Lees, probably nothing to get excited about.

(Login Reg123)

Re: Second eleven at Harrogate

September 4 2017, 12:09 PM 

But why did we get so excited about Brook and TKC, both of whom have scored much less than Lees in the seconds? It suits us prerhaps?

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