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Re: 3rd Test | England vs West Indies at Lords (Match Thread)

September 11 2017, 4:19 PM 

Turns out that Cook hasn't been released to play in the county championship. Only Westley is available and surely he is on trial for his place?

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3rd test England vs West Indies at Lord's (match thread)

September 11 2017, 5:06 PM 

Wasn't there an occasion some years ago when Craig White, then Yorkshire captain, complained officially about Barrie Leadbeater ? Ha maintained that Leadbeater leaned over backwards not to be seen to favour Yorkshire.


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Re: 3rd Test | England vs West Indies at Lords (Match Thread)

September 11 2017, 8:36 PM 

White was completely stitched up JD. County captains give a supposedly anonymous report on umpires. In one report Craig said that he thought Leadbetter was leaning the other way to prove that he wasn't pro Yorkshire. Many Yorkshire members would have gone far further ssyings that Leadlegs was anti Yorkshire.

Sadly the ECB proceeded to prove that annonymous means nothing when you are Yorkshire captain and released the report. This was completely against the rules, but of course because it was Yorkshire this didn't matter. Poor White was made to publicly apologise for his comments.

For those who wonder why I get at the ECB this is an unbiased report of what occurred. The captains reports were/are supposed to the 'secret' so they could criticise umpires to help raise standards. I have NEVER heard of any other report being made public yet I'll put good money that other captains have made similar comments

Back to biased mode

This again shows that where Yorkshire is concerned those in charge of England cricket will do anything to do us down

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Re: 3rd Test | England vs West Indies at Lords (Match Thread)

September 11 2017, 9:39 PM 

Close, White Gale, ....any more?

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