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The future

September 23 2017, 11:33 AM 

The next three spin bowlers in the 'pecking order' are already known to many and are probably not yet ready for regular red ball cricket. Karl Carver (SLA) is 21, Jack Shutt (OB) is 20 and James Logan (SLA) is 20 shortly. In terms of wicket taking, Logan has been the most prolific but Shutt appears to have moved ahead of him in the eyes of the coaching staff judging by second team appearances. It will be interesting to see what their respective statuses are within the club at the end of the season when contracts are determined.
Below them are two 18 year old all rounders - Bilal Anjam (OB) and Alec Drury (OB). 17 year old leg spinner, Josh Sullivan is also an excellent prospect.
The national county champion 15's, to whom I have alluded several times, contained four spin bowlers, all of whom bowled to some effect in almost every match. Two of them are also excellent batsmen.

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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 12:03 PM 

For next season, we need a top overseas player to be available for all or most of matches. We should be planning this now and my top preference would be Kane Willismson who is not only a fine batsman and useful slow bowler but experienced captain of New Zealand who would be ideal as senior pro to support Gary Ballance both on and off the field.

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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 12:11 PM 

I would prefer a good off-spinner as our overseas and if possible someone who can bat a bit (good enough for 6, 7 or 8). No one springs to mind, but maybe a SA, or failing that someone from one of the other counties. Leach or Bess might not fancy Division two cricket??

Rashid is missing 1/2 of every season, and Rafiq is not good enough. If, on the few occasions Rashid is available, we can then play both spinners.

Geoff B
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September 23 2017, 5:56 PM 

I hope we can find one but the way it is going anyone who is any good has been gobbled up by T20 leagues where spin is the new black.

Keep hearing about various schemes to send young lads off to India or somewhere exotic to learn the art from some specialist coach.

They do get some bowling practice out of season I suppose but I'm not sure learning how to play on the sub-continent is going to prepare you for a damp Headingley.

Patel seems to be able to manage it, mostly it seems to me by firing it in and moving wide on the crease to create an angle, any spin or bounce he finds is a bonus.

Surely we can find someone, or train someone to do that.

Disclaimer: My eye sight is terrible, if it was spinning miles I couldn't detect it.

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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 6:25 PM 

John Whitehouse didn't play for the England Under 19's(Back then called England Young Cricketers). He played for National Association of Young Cricketers and National Cricket Association Young Cricketers which was a different thing and not the England side.


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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 8:17 PM 

john whitehouse was a good fast bowling all rounder about the time of paul jarvis and neil nicholson. his elder brother ian was a very good left hand opening bat.


Dave Morton
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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 8:29 PM 

I can't resist one little dig at certain posters.

If we do find a top-class spinner, whether overseas or Kolpak, from another county or from within, aren't we lucky that we've got a top-class keeper to support him?

Ambrose has been keeping to Patel for years and was as much use as the proverbial chocolate fireguard.

I've seen all or nearly all the young spinners referred to by JollyD and others, and I agree with the general sentiments. They're getting a lot of cricket, so let's hope that one or two come through, but you've got to be patient with young spin bowlers. The likes of Bess are an exception, and he may yet disappear, as did the Kent boy. Riley, was it?

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Re: The future

September 23 2017, 9:50 PM 

Yes, Adam Riley occupied the role of "next big thing" for quite a while. He's still at Kent, but in the second XI.

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The future

September 28 2017, 3:46 PM 

Following such a disappointing season, culminating in the largest margin of defeat in Yorkshire's history, I worry about the impact on younger players at the club. On the whole, the younger sides have had better than satisfactory results. However, just as winning can become habitual, so can losing. When young players are introduced to the first team dressing room, they must be influenced by the prevailing atmosphere. We do not know the truth about rumours of dressing room discontent, but we have seen a succession of below par performances throughout the team. Most of the double championship winning side are still available, but look like pale shadows of their former selves. Only Ryan Sidebottom can plead advancing years in mitigation. The younger players must shake their heads in disbelief.
There are also worrying signs of a paucity of up and coming specialist batsmen. While the bowling appears to be in good hands with Coad, Fisher, Shaw and Carver, with Warner, Barnes, Shutt and Logan following on, the batting prospects are not so numerous.
We dispensed with Mosun Hussain and James Brown last year. In the course of this season, three more batsmen have chosen to leave - Richard Brown, Ben Ainslie and Nathan Snookes; Nor has anything been seen recently of Yasaar Imtiaz. There is no indication that they have fallen out of love with cricket, - indeed some are trying their luck elsewhere.
With the sad departure of Rhodes, this leaves us with Jonathan Tattersall, Harry Brook and little else. Eliot Callis has been retained for three years as a 'senior Academy' player (cheaper for the club than a junior pro), but for how much longer? With Jonny Read as second team 'keeper, attempts have been made to convert Ben Birkhead into an opening batsman with mixed success. This leaves all rounder Jordan Thompson and even younger players.
I am not convinced that the change of policy to a vertical coaching structure has worked. The club has no designated batting or bowling coach. In his book, Joe Root pays tribute to the help he gained at a difficult time from Kevin Sharpe. Sharpe is now producing a string of fine young batsmen for Worcestershire.
As a minimum I would like to see us restore these two posts.

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Re: The future

September 29 2017, 9:00 AM 

Yasser Imtiaz, I think, has also left. His Twitter profile no longer says he is a Yorkshire Academy player. He has probably been released as his scores over the last three years for the Academy have not been very good at all. This season he rarely got into double figures.

(Login JollyD)

The future

September 29 2017, 11:45 AM 

Thank you, Me4791, for the update on Yasaar Imtiaz which had passed me by. Apologies also to Matthew Waite for omitting his name from the list of promising young players still at the club.

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Re: The future

September 29 2017, 12:21 PM 

I noticed you didn't include James Wainman. Hardly young as he's 24 now yet still to make a first class debut.He signed pro contract same time as Lees and frightening to compare their experience difference now. His contract is probably up and I think he has only ever signed 1 year deals. I notice he takes regular wickets for the 2nds. Do you think he will break through or leave? I guess we'll find out soon with contracts sorted out.

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The future

September 29 2017, 2:50 PM 

Sadly, I feel James Wainman may not make further progress. He is being overtaken by younger quick bowlers and has barely come into first team consideration so far. I say 'sadly' for two reasons. Firstly, he is a left arm swing bowler which is an option we lack. Secondly, he has had to work exceedingly hard to overcome a series of stress fracture injuries earlier in his career which, to his credit, he appears to have done successfully.

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