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Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 22 2017 at 11:31 PM
WS55  (Login WibseySimon55)

Drawing breath after today. Let's put the rancour that's been expressed on the Forum today down to everyones' overstretched emotions, and calm down a little to take stock.

We won today, which is what matters. But you shouldn't have to rely on a gritty, mature stand between two bowlers to pull a win out of the fire when there's a gettable target, good batting conditions, and (sub-par) opposition who have nothing to play for! I'm glad it worked out how it did for Patto, in his benefit year, and for Fisher, who now cements his future as a man who can deliver when it counts, not just a lad with brilliant prospects (see Gale's comments, and the warm congrats for Fisher from his teammates and Moxon in the line up for Ryan afterwards). But I'm embarrassed for the team. Should have done better.

And for all Patto's and Fisher's heroics, Warwickshire were beaten today by Ambrose being even worse at coping with Patel's bounce and turn than Yorkshire's batsmen were. Extras jockeyed with Patto for being top scorer. Between them, Extras and Patto scored half our runs! At key times too -- the repeated four byes after lunch were the moment that the advantage turned our way.

Warwickshire were sure Patto had gloved a Patel ball to leg slip. I was watching through binoculars and thought it more likely the sleeve on his forearm or wrist. Umpire obviously thought so too ... but I'm not sure Patto did, and words were exchanged. One or two while he was going off the field as well.

Our batsmen didn't seem to have a coordinated game plan. Ultra-cautious at first, failing to look for nudged singles, we were on the back foot as soon as a wicket fell -- which it was bound to do. Then Brezzie decided that approach was a mistake, chanced his luck to take the fight to the enemy ... but came unstuck straight away. Then it was back to block/dodge/leave, and slash and miss ... . This zig-zag strategy didn't seem to have any captain's instructions to it, apart from 'do what you feel's best'. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what it looked like, and 96 for 7 felt deserved.

However, we do have strength in depth, and we'll likely remember 2017 as the year that Patto and Fisher saved us from relegation in the next-to-last game. Like we'll remember 2016 as the year Brezzie and Sidders nearly won us the Championship on the next-to-last day.

The year as a whole?

We've been average. An average-quality first division team, performing right in the middle of the pack. We have 145 points. Add up all the counties' points -- 1,176 -- and divide by eight and you get 147. And we've won 4, lost 4, and drawn 5. Average, just average.

The stress and disappointment have come from the kind of average we've been. It's been the "Fred's average temperature is a healthy 37.4 degrees. But Fred's head is in the oven and his feet are encased in a block of ice." That's how we've performed this year.

But I'm a glass half-full guy. We've been as good as average when several batsmen have been simultaneously out of form, and when the ageing bowling attack showed this year it had lost its edge. Lyth, Lees, Leaning, Ballance, Bresnan have class -- they've proved in previous years that they're good enough to be top performing county professionals. And with Coad and Fisher we now have real prospects of refreshing the pack-hunting pace attack.

I don't go for this 'we need to re-new/recruit/regroup' stuff at all. I think we should stick with the team we've got. I agree with the poster above who said we can look forward to:

"Lyth, lees, leaning, TKC, Ballance, Hodd, Bresnan, Patterson, Fisher, Coad, Brooks and Rashid being 12 of our 14/15 man first team squad."

What's more, Waite looked the part at Edgbaston and Taunton this year as well. Brook is as good a prospect as any (never know really how a young'un will step up to First Team standards between 18 and 21, but clearly the potential is there). Shaw back from his Div 2 experience the year after next? And Carver?

If any/all of these guys can emulate Coad's '2016/17 winter progress with Pyrah' then we can look forward with confidence to a strong, young (ish) squad in the next few years.

And the coach? Does it really matter? Obviously an exceptional someone like Dizzy brought extra inspiration and Aussie ruthless killer-instinct. But it's the guys on the field and the captaincy that really count. Isn't all this stuff about the coach just pulled over from the celebrity-coach culture of soccer? Who was the coach of the great team of the 60s? There wasn't one.

I'm looking forward already to next year. And before that, to Chelmsford, where, for what it's worth, I think we'll burst Essex's bubble, spoil Silverwood's clean sheet ambitions, and win handsomely happy.gifhappy.gif . I've got my AirBnB booked and am going to cheer the boys on.

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(Login StuartRA)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 9:21 AM 

Thanks for the great posting WS55.

An excellent appraisal of the match yesterday and the season as a whole.

(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 9:48 AM 

Posting after the event often allows great posts like this to give a balanced perspective and put things in their proper context. But live posting also highlights emotional rather than Han rational thinking and there has to be room for both.

It's hard to disagree with any of the above although you may have more faith in your list of 12 players than me and others might have? You're expecting them all to find form and deliver and the reason we have been very average (on average) is that most haven't done the job required.

This year Coads advancement was great to see but it may also have led to muddled selection for the rest of the attack. This ended up with Patto and brooks and others omitted at various times. Healthy to have competition but then our old balanced attack was unbalanced and we sometimes ended up with four or five very similar seamers. No raw pace, no left armer despite Willey being around, no quality spin to support.

The promise of Brook and TKC has yet to be fulfilled and easier runs at the Oval shows ability but I need to see the same at Headingley, Lords and Chelmsford before being fully convinced.

Poor old Hodd is some peoples whipping boy yet he turns up, is the heartbeat of the squad and whether playing or not he has a cheery smile. He's our best keeper if Bairstow not around but we have pampered to Hanscomb and Sarfraz who have flattered to deceive with bat and gloves. Yet Hodd bounces back, keeps tidily, fits straight back in whether batting at 6 7 or 8 and then gets slated for not getting the runs of a bloke who is in the top 10 international run scorers of 2016.

Some are in decline and others set a high benchmark in 2016 that was always a challenge to repeat. Bresnsns runs in 2016 were a bonus and he has not repeated this year. But the problem is his bowling is in decline. Siddy we knew was having a last hoorah on his farewell tour.

But the real worry is Lees, Rafiq, Willey, Brooks and Leaning. All have under delivered in the four day game. Should we actually expect some of them to be four day players at all? Are they able to come back and show the quality we have seen in the past? Lees and Leaning have the opportunity with youth on their side but they need to find what's needed in the winter somewhere. Brooks may be past his best but with no Ryan or Dizzy can he act as senior pro to the seamers and guide and support whilst being good cover for Coad, Fisher, Shaw etc.

Sadly I think Willey has never really been given a four day run so may have suffered as a one day expert. Rafiq has shown he too is vital for one dayers but not a four day option.

And then Gale and Moxon? It's hard to know if they are to blame, unlucky to inherit a squad in decline or a mixture of both. You don't see their performances as visibly as you see the players. Perhaps this year has been a learning curve for Gale. He was made skipper at a young age but Then delivered with some miles on the clock. Will this be repeated as coach?

Geoff B
(Login Coastalview)

Surprise v Disappointment

September 23 2017, 10:19 AM 

Bowling is more tricky to judge but when it comes to batsmen in the CC I have default position which is whether I am surprised when they get runs or disappointed when they get out cheaply.

Disappointed column includes Ballance, Lyth, Bresnan, Overseas.

Surprised column Lees, Hodd, Leaning.

I haven't pigeon holed Kohler-Cadmore, Brook, or Waite yet.

I'd very much like another couple of players in the disappointed column.

I always expect a lot from the overseas player, I'd like one to stay long enough to put a name to.

(Login NewBrian)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 10:33 AM 

Not only a fine post but surely the thread title of the season, if not the decade.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 11:30 AM 

Ballance in the disappointed column. You'd best explain that one Geoff..

(Login StuartRA)
Assistant Moderator

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 11:37 AM 

Possibly since returning from England duties and his finger injury?!

Seems that recently most of the batsmen England pick, then discard are a shadow of their former selves when returning to county cricket. Duckett last season, Jennings recently, Ballance twice recently, all could not buy a run for a few months after going away with England and returning to the county scene.

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(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 11:55 AM 

I think you're misunderstanding his columns!


Dave Morton
(Login DaveMorton)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 12:39 PM 

It takes a Wibsey lad to see the wood for the trees!

Yes, it's praise to be disappointed when someone you expect to score runs doesn't, once in a while, like Ballance here. Jack Leaning's recent good form may be surprising, but let's hope he joins Ballance in next year's occasionally disappointed column; Lees, too, showing decent form as the season ends, even if he didn't score many in this game, he is now looking composed at confident which, previously, he wasn't.

I think we need to acquire an orthodox spinner, and if we can't from in-house, then that's the recruitment road we should go down. Otherwise stick with the outstanding players we have got.

I look forward to joining up with other Yorkshire supporters at Chelmsford, only my second visit, and to enjoying the Essex fans' praise of their fine team. It's been really good for cricket, what they've done.

(Login Martinh00)

Re: Yorks v Warwicks Victory Post Mortem

September 23 2017, 2:00 PM 

I think I understand now!

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