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Idle man
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Re: WRF POLL | Rate Yorkshire's Performance in the 2017 Season

September 28 2017, 8:55 AM 

I had my fears before this season, for the same reasons as others. However, nothing prepared me for the abject nature of our last few performances. We have been the worst team in the division over the final rounds, only an unexpected brilliant partnership saving us against Warwickshire.

As far as the other competitions go, the 50 over business was as expected: a decent performance, but in a competition with the knock out stages coinciding with one day internationals, a familiar pattern is emerging each year.

I'm not a close follower of t20, and I can see that there were areas of progress, Patto and Lyth amongst them. Given the players we have however, surely we were expecting at least the quarters. Whatever you feel about this form, from a financial point of view if nothing else, we must do better.

Afraid I went for F.


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Re: WRF POLL | Rate Yorkshire's Performance in the 2017 Season

September 28 2017, 5:35 PM 

I can't give us an F as we survived, just. But it has been a poor season.

And I agree with Loiner. The only difference between 2015 and this year was that England left Bairstow with us and this season they took Ballance mid season.

Yes our batting has been cr*p since 2015 yet 'the management' don't appear to have any idea how to improve it. Oh yes, and whilst he is totally infuriating Rashid is the one player for who we have no replacement. Yes Adil looks bad in 4 day cricket and can give runs away, but he does have the knack of taking wickets when we need them, something Rafiq can't do.

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It's closing time!

October 3 2017, 3:15 AM 

We'll be closing this poll on Friday, October 6. So if you are a registered member and have not voted, please consider expressing your opinion.


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