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Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 9:35 PM 

Not sure there are any words to accurately describe today. Thank god the season is over as another game would be too much to take.

Losing is one thing but losing with a whimper is frankly embarrassing and humiliating

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Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 10:17 PM 

wow, i really cannot understand the negativity on here, so ok we lost heavily against a very good team today.

but it is one match.

The season has not been a disaster, we won 4 and lost 5, finishing in mid table, not great, but nothing to get suicidal over.

Now if we were in warks position i could maybe understand it a bit.

2011 was much worse, we got relegated, lost points for slow over rates, allowed the lancys to score at 10 an over to beat us and subsequently that win enabled them to win the title, while we got relegated.....from there the only way was up and we are in a whole lot better position now than then.

we will bounce back....

(Login PaulYorks2)

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 10:32 PM 

This game was pretty shameful and I believe it's right that the players and management should be held to account.

I would however take issue with a particular perspective that I've seen articulated more than once:

>> The county is dying surely you can see that. We're proud Yorkshiremen embarrassed by a group of TOWIES sorry but personally the lack of pride shown in our 2nd innings is not what I've come to expect from my 50 years of following the club. I expect YCCC players to give 100% sorry today that clearly didn't happen.

I've been following YCCC for a mere 40 years, but pride and 'giving 100%' are not necessarily qualities that I associate with our club, with the honourable exception of the Gillespie years. Talent - yes; a battling, selfless, never-say-die attitude - no.

(Login Dwight_Schrute)

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 10:41 PM 

I can't believe this is the same Peter. Absolutely beside himself over missed bonus points when winning the Championship by a mile. Biggest loss in the Club's history 'can't understand the negativity'.

(Login Y4EV)

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 10:43 PM 

Peter, with all due respect, look at the batting averages this year, look at the decline in the aging bowlers, Siddy's now retired, look at the multiple embarrasing batting collapses this year which accumulated today. We could easily have lost 3 more games than we ended up doing and only finished what looks to be 5 points above the drop. If you'd have said to me last winter in Gale's first season we'd finish 4th I'd have taken it, and if you'd have told me as well that 5 new players would break through I'd have been more than delighted. But it just doesn't begin to tell the real story does it. Other teams have had shocking seasons, I expect Middlesex, Surrey, Lancashire and Somerset all to come back stronger, Essex will remain a team to beat, Notts I can see being a dark horse and Worcestershire won't lie down either. I think we desperately require a few personal changes and ideally an overhaul in the coaching staff or I can see us being next season's Warwickshire.

Steve C
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Assistant Moderator

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 10:45 PM 

I admire your confidence - i'm not entirely sure i share it.
We're a team in transition - our young players have improved this year but some of the older players have failed to shoulder reprehensibility - and injuries and call ups have left us exposed.
I think our coaches will be given another year to prove themselves.
Lets not get carried away by today's result.Once our survival was guaranteed this sort of performance was always a possibility. We invested so much energy and emotion last week that we had nothing left this week - its a chemical reaction almost - the sense of anti climax was impossible for us to over come - while Essex were on an irresistible rise.
We still have good players - Lyth, Lees, Ballance, Leaning, Brook - we just need to create the environment that enables them to play to their full potential. We'll all be back at the AGM next year anticipating great things .

Its a shame today has passed and no one has mentioned Ryan. I fear we shall not see his like again - and its a shame his final day as a playing professional wasn't a happier one for him.

Perhaps we should all raise a glass - or a cup - and thank him for some wonderful memories.

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Assistant Moderator

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 11:03 PM 

According to Cricinfo, today was our lowest score since 1999. This is in addition to our largest ever defeat in our history and our lowest ever score away to Essex.

(Login overman8)

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 27 2017, 11:03 PM 

Thanks for that reassurance Peter, I will undo the noose now.

(Login littleoldme.)


September 27 2017, 11:22 PM 

There is a lot of unrest in the Yorkshire dressing room. I have heard the same rumours for a number of weeks. A lot of the players HAVE NOT taken to Gale as 1st Team Coach. I predicted on Tuesday night that the "batsman" would chuck it in the 2nd innings today. You could of watched today on The Essex CCC Website a live stream. Lees ran down the wicket at Cook and lost his middle stump. There were others too who gave their wickets away, too many to mention although Hodd was lbw reverse sweeping Harmer 4 minutes before tea. This was not a team giving their all. This is a team not playing for Gale. The atmosphere in the dressing room has been like this for a few weeks. When you the good fans saw in horror 38 for 8 needing 451 , do you put it down as lack of ability or something else? They quite simply don't want to play for Gale and you heard a previous post about a raging fall out between Gale and Lees recently. I would hope Gale does the decent thing and stand down as I am certain this cloud if you like is not lifting and he will certainly NOT turn things around.He was a cheap option that has backfired and the team with some new recruits and an experienced coach who has not been at Yorkshire recently can oversee what is wrong and what needs fixing. The top order needs bolstered. A kolpak and a overseas hand could be very handy. I'm not going to mention any names. It is hard to employ players when you want them in 6 months time. Availabilty is awkward when your planning for March 2018. The club needs a top to bottom review of the season just past and act. They must not shirk their responsabilties.
A Buchan

(Login littleoldme.)

They " chucked it"

September 27 2017, 11:36 PM 

Oh and by the way they were bowled out in 28.4 overs today. Were they "trying" to win and get 451. No. Were they "trying" to save it and bat out time. No. Did they "chuck it" and get themselves a day off. Yes. Are these "players" playing for Gale?
A Buchan

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Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 28 2017, 7:44 AM 

I've just returned to this, after trying to think about other things yesterday evening.

AB's entities seem to confirm my suspicions behind the question I raised at 3.55 PM yesterday: yesterday's capitulation WAS deliberate, a protest against Gale.

Does the same apply to other underperformances? I assume not but there could well be the same underlying cause.

I don't pick up on these rumours/undercurrents, even though I attend the matches (and more this season than any previous one - unfortunately!). Perhaps I should try the 2nd XI!

If AB is right, it must be sorted, and soon.

Also, if it is right, it is a very sad end to Ryan Sidebottom's Yorkshire career: the result makes it that anyway but it would be made sadder.


(Login ThirdUmpire)

Re: Championship | Essex vs Yorkshire at Chelmsford (Day Three)

September 28 2017, 8:07 AM 

I don't but the chucking the game suspicion. If they did then I'm ashamed to support a county who goes down this route.

Firstly it brings the game into disrepute. If it had happened involving a Pakistan team there would hold have been uproar and betting patterns scrutinised. Whilst the outcome made no difference to the league it's irrelevant.

Second some of our team are young and setting out in the game wanting to do well. Fisher Coad Carver are not going to give it away having finally got into the team.

Third some of the team just don't have that character. Lyth Hodd Patto for certain.

If others chucked it then the next chucking they will be involved with is to be chucked out the club but I just don't but have his theory at all. Frankly we are just patently out of form, lack leadership and any plan, have half a team missing, no confidence and in case you hadn't noticed we were playing a team who have won the title and are undefeated.

The time to protest about Gale and Moxon is now not yesterday.

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