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Fast bowler injuries

November 13 2017 at 4:01 PM
Brian  (Login NewBrian)
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Dave Morton
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Re: Fast bowler injuries

November 13 2017, 5:27 PM 

"Due to the reductionist approach to cricket coaching, where coaches focus on isolated traits like technique, strength, power, tactics and conditioning, the preparation of fast bowlers isn't a synergistic process."

Having spent an hour in the company of Steffan's father at Taunton (introduced to me by the famous 'Tractor'), I have to be impressed by his son's erudition. I'm sure he's right about the coaching, too.

But, I think his father would easily have sneaked an F into synergistic, as well as between most of the other words:

The (bleep) preparation of (bleep) fast (bleep) bowlers isn't a (bleep) syner(bleep)gistic process.

A good man! And so (bleep) proud of his (bleep) son. [To picture it, you've got to hear a Welsh accent.]

My good friend Murf also had a conversation with Norman (bleep) Gifford at Worcester. Same (bleep) thing, apart from the (bleep) Welsh, of course.

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