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Re: CC Fixtures tomorrow at 11.00

November 30 2017, 12:16 PM 

About what I thought!

I'm yet to be convinced by the blocking of the one day comps and consequence of pushing the championship to April and Sept. Five games at Leeds and two are done and dusted by the end of April cant be good for those who watch and as well as the first class players themselves, although I quite like the Friday starts.

Too much mid week T20, surely the idea is Friday night and Sunday afternoon to be child friendly. Thinking about the county rather than Leeds based fans, its a late school night if you're coming from South Yorks.

50 over is totally devalued by absence of star players in the later stage, its almost pointless qualifying!

Roll on the 2nd team fixtures to fill the gaps in the summer months.

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Re: CC Fixtures tomorrow at 11.00

November 30 2017, 2:34 PM 

i think the county championship fixtures look better for me this year. at least i will see both scarborough matches, although i hope we perform better than last season. the mickey mouse t20 stuff is on while i am in corfu for my wifes holiday so that is a plus. the annual away trip looks like being right at the end in september, either notts or worcester.

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Re: CC Fixtures tomorrow at 11.00

November 30 2017, 4:32 PM 

Accomadation booked for both games in Scarborough also for our games in Manchester, Taunton & Worcester. Lot of Yorkies quick off the mark yesterday particularly with Taunton as we just managed to get the last room at a B&B the lady said she had filled up that day to coincide with ourselves game there. I'm hoping to do the 50 over game at Chester le Street can't seem to find anywhere within walking distance of the ground any recommendations please ?

Geoff B
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Check the bus routes

December 1 2017, 9:37 AM 

I like staying in country pubs if I can. Always worth a bit of on-line research checking the bus routes.

You might find a gem just a couple of stops away.

There's always the castle of course if you want to push the boat out.


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Re: CC Fixtures tomorrow at 11.00

December 1 2017, 11:08 AM 

Booked a b&b for the Saturday of the Taunton match will look into some others I hope to get to.
Yorkshire sadly rarely seem to get an out ground these days but price you pay I suppose for being the biggest county.
Early season the games are ok for those who work with first 5 games starting on Friday then it all goes a bit random.

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Re: CC Fixtures tomorrow at 11.00

December 8 2017, 4:32 AM 

The County Cricket fixtures look to be better scheduled with more preparation time between matches. As Stu says, it is disappointing for our England white ball players to be unavailable for the One Day Cup Quarters/Semis. With the World Cup being played the following year, surely England players would benefit in a pressure cooker situation of knockout cricket than going through the motions in an ODI series.

The County Championship season starting a week later suggests Ballance may well be available from the start and as many as 10 CC matches in the season. I'll hazard a guess Root and Bairstow to be available for 3 CC matches - 2 in May and 1 in July.

The top 6 against Lancs at Old Trafford in July may well look like this:


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