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January 4 2018 at 9:18 PM
AndyNowhere  (Login AndyNowhere)

When I saw Cook's score & manner of dismissal, it got me thinking. i found it odd that he was out LBW for 39. The reason being, I assume it is a manner of dismissal which (like being caught in the slips) is more frequent with a new ball or a batsmen who is establishing himself at the crease (I remember YJB being particularly prone to LBW in the first five overs before remodeling his technique - he would play across the line offering bowlers hope until he got his eye in and they started flying for four).

There must be correlation/causation between the types of dismissal & how long a batsman has been batting. Further factors would be pitch condition (I assume this not to be too much the case on a day one pitch), type of bowler, breaks, reverse swing etc.

Does anybody know if there has been any research/number crunching done? I tried Google but perhaps was phrasing the question wrong because i turned up nothing.

Thanks and a Happy New Yorkshire to you all xxx

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