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I wouldn't cry if they close the .com ... since they won't sell to P.R. customers ...

February 24 2011 at 4:05 PM

fa  (Login Fidel_in_PR)
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Response to Re: In Closing....

... I called and emailed several times and tried to get someone with brains to cough up the EXACT LAWS that prevent Crosman from selling parts and custom shop items to P.R. customers, and nobody gave a hoot. So why should I care if they shut down the *.com bit ? Big deal.

There are NO such LEGAL BARRIERS, it's just big time B.S., IF it where so, how come Pyramid Air, AirgunDepot, Midway, AOA, Archer, Cabelas and many many other retailers sell and ship AIRGUNS and parts to P.R. customers with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL ???? Not even the HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE local FIREARM laws prevent the purchase and/or importation of airguns and parts, and I can provide the complete law in black and white - anytime.

SO, are all these other retailers who sell and ship to P.R. law-breakers deserving jail time and/or a lethal injection for some laws only the all-mighty Crosman attorneys know and keep locked up in a vault ????

"Oh, you must order thru the authorized service center on the island" ... really ? Yeah right. Go try it. Has anyone from corporate actually seen the place ? LOL - So that means, ANY and ALL states that have an authorized service center MUST place ALL parts and airgun orders thru the local service center, just like we are forced to, RIGHT ?!?!

Or are attorneys, DAs' and lawsuits any different when a local kid from Anytown, mainland USA pops a kid down the street or the neighbors' poodle with a Crosman BB gun ?

More than "legal" reasons, sounds like some moron CEO restricts P.R. purchases because he thinks PuertoRicans are just "thugs, low lives, gangsters, spray painters, terrorists and live off welfare" and aren't worth selling to and will just pepper people with Crosman airguns and get them sued for selling them the airgun.

you're scared ? go get a dog ... I'd rather die standing than live on my knees

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