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Dean's HiPac 2240

Tactical Trijicon ACOG TA01 Style 4x32 Cross Sight Rifle Scope + Kill Flash
TROBB Solid Aluminium Dovetail Power Block with Gmac hollow probe and G-mac Bolt
Gmac Brass Power Adjuster Spring And Guide/Drilled Out Standard Valve For more air space
Hammer Mods//Gmac 30% Lighter valve Spring/Gmac Brass Safety Catch//Transfer port drilled out
Full Gmac Trigger kit/Gmac barrel cut to 9inch/Weihrauch Silencer/Custom Home Made Grips/
New TRACER LEDRAY GL2 LAMP 90m Range Beam//HI-Pac

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Re: I do a few of them each year

March 1 2011 at 6:07 PM
  (Login Larry91730)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to I do a few of them each year

Thank you. That's very good info....
Is extra flux used or just the solder itself?

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