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New 760 "sawed-off shotgun" plywood stock (HUGE improvement)

June 7 2011 at 5:31 PM
  (Login plinkin)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

So, for those of you who haven't been following the story with my previous plywood stock, Cedric wanted to buy that one from me with a sawed off buttstock, to make it look like a "sawed off shotgun". After thinking about it, I decided to make a new stock just for him because I hated to spend hours shaping everything behind the handle, only to cut it off.

This is that new stock -- it's a huge improvement over my previous one in terms of all the tooling marks removed and properly sanded and smoothened up to 400 grit. I got a lot more patient making these stocks :D (and also I bought a sanding drum drill bit that made the process go a lot faster).

Anyway, just thought I'd show everyone it.

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
(more pics of both sides, interior, etc ahttp://s781.photobucket.com/albums/yy95/smerdyknight/New%20760%20Plywood%20stock/)

And learning from finishing my last one, I'm not using tung oil on this one -- instead a spray on matte clear coat that preserves the natural light color of plywood while protecting the wood as well. I might also add a wax on top of it. It's not finished yet though.

But I suppose, I could use some more money for my 1377... My older stock hasn't sold yet, and even if it does sell, I'll have to lower the price ($50. anyone interested?), so it turns out there's not enough money to spend on my 1377, in addition to all the materials, new tools, and screw-ups I've had building these two stocks so far (plus, with more money I could add more tools to my meager workshop).

SO -- if anyone takes a liking to this stock and would like it on their own 760, I'll be willing to make TWO more of this stock. (in the very rare chance -- 3. But as an honest craftsman, who recognizes that Andy in NC came up with this idea and that many others here have generously helped me along the way, it wouldn't be ethical to try to make a lot of money off of these stocks. Not saying I won't continue making other kinds of stocks, though.)

This one's going to Cedric for $75 (not counting shipping), including a grey stain that I am in the process of getting right on scraps of wood. If that turns out nicely I'll be offering my next two stocks with a grey stain if wished... I'll keep you posted on how the stains turn out.

Any suggestions welcome (should I make it all a single color next time, or do the two contrasting plywoods look all right?).

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