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13xx caliber "quick-change"?

June 10 2011 at 10:54 AM
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Crosman Forum Member
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Hello all,
So, an incident a couple of days ago caused me to seriously reconsider settling for a .177 cal 1377: a raccoon killed and beheaded my pet rabbit, leaving me minus one pet and plus one gruesome animal to clean up (not the first -- the coon got one of my chickens as well). Could have left it overnight, the coon would have come back to get it, but I figured in honor of my rabbit I'll bury it sad.gif.

I'm thinking about buying the 1377 and converting it to .22 cal just to have some killing power behind it, as I don't have any other airguns in .22 nor any powerful enough in .177 to take down a raccoon. (LOL, I was even considering using my PVC spud cannon with 3/8" steel rod stubs sharpened at the end, camping overnight in my backyard!) I know the general consensus is that even a .22 1322 is barely adequate to take out a raccoon, but I assure you I will get a well placed shot. If a .177 13xx can somehow take down a raccoon (at say 650 fps), someone please tell me.
However if I make the change to .22, I'm sure I'll be missing the .177 as the pellets are cheaper, cheaper, cheaper... plus it's nice to have all my guns in a single caliber. And besides if this is going to be an all around gun, I'm not sure if a .22 cal is going to be the best to take along on trips and do a whole lot of plinking (wastes pellets).

Only other option I can think of is a caliber "quick change" -- like the kind you would find on a Beeman breakbarrel or a Talon, a quick screwing out of the barrel.
I heard that the 13xx requires a breech and bolt change, as well as the barrel, in order to become a .22.

Is it possible at all to have some sort of "quick change" barrel system to easily swap between .177 to .22 on a 13xx?

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