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Travelling Crosman has arrived

October 4 2011 at 11:12 PM

dan house  (Login dan_house)
Crosman Forum Member
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First, thanx to Randy and Crosman for making this happen.

Due to landlord politics, I had to go to the UPS terminal to pick it up, which took almost 30 minutes cuz they couldnt find it, even though they had called me earlier in the day. Signed the little machine and home I went.

It was packed well, along with a box of pels and the owners manual. My first thought was how small it is; every pic Ive seen makes it seem much bigger. it handles well, only slightly nose heavy. Even the Mrs. liked the feel and heft.

I should explain at this point, I am not a pistol guy. For a couple reasons: one, my pistol craft to date has been oriented to self defense and combat shooting (IDPA etc). Second, I'm only now starting to feel my rifleman skills are getting somewhere and I view pistol shooting as a division of effort I'm not willing to allow. I figured when it got here I;d take the perspective of making it a carbine of some sort.

First impressions....... It reminded me of the Mrod in fit and finish; excellent for the price point. Even better since its mine for a few days happy.gif it had less that 2000 psi when it arrived, and I pumped it to 2600 with my hand pump. Smaller reservior made it quick and easy to pump to that pressure. First thing I dont like about it: the platic cover snaps over the fitting. Would like to have a metal one screw on.

The sights make target aquisition easy. I have less than 50 shots down range tonight with it, and have some one holers. I attibute that to the capabilites of the gun, not the shooter. Not being a pistolero, my arm gave out pretty quick and I went to a sorta Weaver stance, and launched a few more downrange. Second thing I didnt like, the bolt would move back into postion, (but not close) if the gun was tipped down. Probably just a point of adaptation on my part. Must say I like the bolt handle on the left (for a right handed shooter), allowing it to be operated without breaking your grip on the pistol.

After the two handed stance got tiring, I rested it on the back of a chair, and starting getting some groupings. Like I said earlier, pistol craft is not my forte, but I can see where a little dedication with this unit will pay off in accuracy gains and shooting satisfaction.

Ive not looked under the grips yet. Personally Im not in love with any of the grips Crosman offers on the pistols Ive shot, this one included. Just not hand filling enouigh for me. The pistol is quiet, not silent, when dry firing. A pel fired is even quieter, nieghbor friendly will depend on your neighbors... I was expecting it to be somewhat louder, so very surprised to (not) hear the report.

Ther trigger is great, and if it were my pistol, I dont thing it would take too lomg to get that dialed in to my preferences. Persoanlly I would add a shoe, and then it would be telepathic.

Ive had the thing about 5 hours. maybe 60 shots thru it. I cant say I'm in love with it yet, but can see where thats a definite possiblity. Minor tweaks to the bolt, sights adjusted to my eye and Dan friendly grips would go along way to me shooting more pistol. More pellets tested, chrony sessions and a brief carbine session are on the horizon.

Ill post more as I get more time with it.

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