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Thanks Randy! and Introduction

November 11 2011 at 9:08 AM
Jerry Knox  (Login JerryKnox)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to All applications have been approved......try to log in to post

New member here from Missouri.
I was given a Crosman air gun back in the mid 50's as was my brother when we were teenagers. It was marked either Montgomery Wards or J. C. Penny's, I just don't remember which. Anyway, I have not seen the pellet guns since then and don't know what happened to them. My mother gave away all my stuff, usually to the Salvation Army, so I assume that is where they went along the way. It was a big pellet (I assume that it was a .22 cal.) and used a small CO2 cylinder. I checked the Crosman web site and found the manual for a 180 that looks like I remember it and was from the same time period, but not sure that it was the rifle. Never did any hunting, just shooting a cardboard box with a target taped to it. Lost interest just doing that (we lived in the San Franciso bay area).
Move ahead 50 years and I'm now living in the Ozark mountains. I had a terrible squirrel problem about 7 years ago, they just destroyed 4 or 5 feeders. I remembered the old pellet gun! Went to Wal-Mart and purchased the cheapest pellet gun they had. It is a 66 Powermaster, but Crosman. I glanced over the instruction sheet and put the scope on it. I fired a few BB's and then put a pellet in it and sat on the front porch just waiting for the devils to appear. One showed up and the dog moved. The squirrel ran up a tree and then came back down and just "hung" there upside down giving me a profile look. I slowly raised the gun and thought about where to aim. Since I had not sighted in the gun and just wanted to send a pellet whizzing past it figuring that if that happened a few times he would get the idea that he would be better off in the forest and would not return. I decided that aiming at the head would be the best place to aim for and send a pellet zipping past his head, I did not want to kill it, just drive it off. Squeezed off the trigger and wham, struck him in the head and down he went. I was in as much shock as he was, well not quite, as he died. That setup as accurate as could be right out of the box. Walked over to the little sucker and watch his last few twitches as he passed on to the great oak tree in the sky.
Oh, when I opened the tin of wad cutters that was in the box, I was so surprised that the pellets were so small. I know my hands had grown since my teenage years, but the pellet had shrunk. That was my first look at a .177 pellet. I almost took the gun back to Wal-Mart as it was a toy and get a "real" air gun. After the squirrel died I knew it was not a toy.
Now that I have been retired for two years I have been contemplating doing some hunting for a little food. I have a 22 cal rifle and pistol, but they are quite noisy! I have been contemplating getting a .22 pellet rifle. Not sure what to get. I don't want to spend A lot of money for one. I can use the 22's, shotgun or 222 rifle if need be, along with my Browning 9mm Luger semi-automatic pistol. Living out in the country does have it's benefits when it comes to shooting. I have no close neighbors and there is a lot of hunting that goes on around here.
Anyway, it is nice to meet you all and look forward to learning a lot on this forum.
Best regards,

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