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10 months in... (long)

February 12 2012 at 3:43 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to prod barrels

Have been using one for about 10 months, so a longer term evaluation might be useful.

It does have a decently functioning shroud, power adjustability, trigger adjustability, and a pretty resonable price. Comes with a plastic shoulder stock as even though listed as a pistol, even Crosman knows its more a carbine.

All things considered, were two area where I was disappointed. Magazine and Accuracy (pellet pickiness).

Probably had a problem magazine. Groups with the magazine were always larger than groups fed in as single shots, which indicates either misalignment or the magazine itself was distorting the pellets. To be honest, its a non-issue for me but realize others really-really want a repeater. I don't care enough about it being a repeater to bother sorting it out and made a single shot tray, but could see a new shooter being frustrated.

When it dislikes a pellet, even a pellet with a high reputation for accuracy, it slings it into groups larger than a BB gun can produce with rusted BBs. With a pellet it does like, can shoot acceptably.

What the hell is acceptably? About 20-30% larger than after market barrels. Not a world class shooter, but know from shooting other guns (including several based on Crosmans) that I am holding better than this barrel can deliver.

Lets put it another way. What a good barrel on the same platform can do (in my hands...other shooters can do better) at 50 yards, the stock Crosman barrel will do at 35-40yards. That sounds harsh, but really 40 yards is about right for the factory power.

How do I know? Have two other carbines on the same format, both a bit lighter, but both much more accurate. If smaller and lighter can shoot better, then the PRods problem is not a weight/control issue. To be sure, swapped the top half of a Crosman 1700 with the Prod. With the 1700 top, shot as well as the 1700 did, so its not some mechanical problem with this Prod (other than the barrel).

What to do about accuracy?

Keep it clean. Test every good pellet you can find, but pay special attention to those that can be found in larger sizes (5.53-5.55mm). Recrown and ease the breech a bit (but watch that o-ring) if you're mechanically inclined. Polishing the bore generally does not help accuracy over a clean barrel, but lets the barrel shoot longer before needing to be cleaned again.

IF you are picky about accuracy, then have to weigh the extra cost of dumping the factory barrel for a custom tube (usually LW). Not a real easy exchange as the barrel carries the bolt probe o-ring rather than the bolt, so there is a bit of careful machining of an o-ring seat to get that o-ring into the barrel. So besides the cost of the gun (something between $320 and $380 depending on where it is bought and the coupons that might apply) add in the cost (and time waiting for) a custom barrel...lets call it $500-$575.

No way around it, a small air volume is not going to deliver a lot of shots. The higher the power, the fewer shots. Can boost the power a good bit though various mods, but the useful shot count (the ones with a velocity inside of 20fps variation) gets short. Might be enough shots for the hunting/shooting you do.

After having mine up to +20foot pounds and down to 10 foot pounds, find that the factory might have gotten this close to right. 13 to 15 foot pounds seems where the gun lives happy.

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