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Dean's HiPac 2240

Tactical Trijicon ACOG TA01 Style 4x32 Cross Sight Rifle Scope + Kill Flash
TROBB Solid Aluminium Dovetail Power Block with Gmac hollow probe and G-mac Bolt
Gmac Brass Power Adjuster Spring And Guide/Drilled Out Standard Valve For more air space
Hammer Mods//Gmac 30% Lighter valve Spring/Gmac Brass Safety Catch//Transfer port drilled out
Full Gmac Trigger kit/Gmac barrel cut to 9inch/Weihrauch Silencer/Custom Home Made Grips/
New TRACER LEDRAY GL2 LAMP 90m Range Beam//HI-Pac

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Custom shop 2400 carbine showed up today.....

February 13 2012 at 7:24 PM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

but the only kudos I can give it are that it is INCREDIBLY light....

and it MAY want to group.

Opened the box, looked the gun over, and right away noticed that the front sight is canted off to the left, badly. Like, 11:30 badly. No amount of windage adjust is gonna fix it, the sight is gonna have to be torqued.

Do these move easily?

I put a cheap 4x on it, just to see if it would group, before I called customer service.....but unfortunately, got the 2 priming shots out, and then shot 2 (which went in darn near the same hole) but then lost the rest of my cart out the barrel. Removed the spent one, looked down the tube with a flashlight....didnt see anything that looked abnormal, or like trash. So loaded a second, got 2 prime shots, and then lost the cart thru the barrel again. Tried a third, same result.

So now I sit, waiting to hear back from customer service... happy.gif and I cant stop thinking...the valve,meh....I can see that happening. But the sight....how does that make it past QC? I've got a nice little certificate...that LOOKS to be signed and dated.
Was packed nice, and no damage to the box....doesnt look like a shipping issue.

Anyway, although disappointed initially, once the issues are ironed out....I am CERTAIN that this gun is gonna float the boat. I cannot believe the weight. IF I can get it to 650 or so with normal weight .22's, or get roughly 12+ fpe out of it, I'm gonna be happy. These are supposed to be very accurate. Top that off with some elbow grease and a HIPAC, and this is a d0-it-all gun...LOVE guns like that.

God bless,


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