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A sure way to determine is to go back to iron sights

February 14 2012 at 6:08 PM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to scopes

on your gun, if you have them.

I try to scope all my guns with see thru mounts, and keep the iron sights on.

Makes for some ugly looking guns sometimes, but if Im out in the field, and scope goes south, Im not out of the hunting action, well to about 25 30 yds at least. Also works great to have the scope sighted in at long range(35-50 yds) and use the irons for short range work.

ANNNNY way, if you have some irons, throw them on and remove the scope. Shoot at a decent size target for groups just like you would a scoped gun, releasing at the same spot each time.try 15 yds.

If groups are all over, something wrong with gun. If groups are within a quarter or less, scope is shot.

I have ruined a BSA on a spring gun, but would think that there is absolutely no c02 gun out there that can damage a RF riflescope. They are by no means top of the line, but are decent scopes for pumper/pcp/co2 guns, and are hand-over-fist better than sights at distance.

Shoot, the little Daisy/Crosman 4 powers are great to 25-30 yds on guns that have that range limitation anyway.

Try to take'er apart. Sounds like its shot anyway, and if not within warranty its trash. You might find what is rattling, and a broken part, and repair it. I have had pretty good luck taking scopes apart, once I figured what would be a good tool to get that particular model apart. Often the rings are hard to get out, so ya gotta be careful with the glass.

God bless,


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