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Gary Hindman's Custom Model 113 and Model 114

Both guns are bulk fill. They have a silver finish on the barrel and the CO2 tube. Stocks have been redone to a natural finish. Simmons .22 3x9x32 AO silver scope and rings are connected using IA mounts

Model 113- Predator Polymags .177- 5-shot groups @ 25 yds. =.440" C-C - Avg. velocity 697 fps 25 shots ( high 721 fps)

Model 114 - JSB Exacts .22 - 5-shot groups @ 25yds. = .54O" C-C- Avg.velocity 654 fps. 25 shots (high 660 fps)

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Problem or not ?

February 29 2012 at 7:10 AM
ged  (Login gedfinn)
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Response to Avoiding that particular calamity is the purpose of the "spacer" in...

Hi guy,s , Whilst I asked for your input, I didn,t expect so much negativety ?

First off, The drawing is wrong on a number of " Salient " Counts.
First off the centre section is missing ?
This -[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Its important because its drilled 3mm betwix the 2, pistons & 4mm on the outlet ( Adjustable by volume )

Secondly , If it had 2, Pulleys, Where would I put the barrel, ( The pulley would be at the top )
It has " 1 " Pulley, & this guides the wire between the foremost spring , Retracting the piston from the centre ,

I might add also that there is no " Slave Piston " ?
Both are equal in length & Weight ,Both contribute equally to output ,

I was a little annoyed at the suggestion that ( A ) the strength of the cable was inadequate & ( B ) More so that it could break on the first shot !!!! ( Where does that come from )Thats negative in the first instance with no prior knowledge !!!!
Has anyone made one before to this design ? ( Thats why I chose it )
I could have gone, Chain/Gears Etc But thats allready been done ! I have both available.

This is my take on the question ( Rightly or Wrongly )

If you had a standard springer, This was cocked & fired without a pellet, It would slam into the transfer port at full force ?
This is not quite correct ?
The size of the transfer port, Lets say 3mm, would rapidly slow the piston down due to the compressing air, Hitting it, " Maybe "
But not with the devastation of if it was 1/2 INCH transfer port IE, It was cushioned ?

Back to my gun ! So lets assume that both pistons, Equal in weight/Stroke Etc are fired !
That pressurised & Exothermicaly enhanced volume between them, halts/Or even knocks back the 2, pistons ?
Lets also assume that there is a little slack in the cable, This is the key ! " What happens next "

Well the above threads seem to indicate that this pressurised volume of air ( That is holding the pistons apart ) Vanishes " Instantly " Into the Ether,
This would leave a vacuum ?
This is NOT The case.

As in any springer, The piston bounce,( If it occurs )
Holds back the piston momentarily, & Then the weight of the spring continues pushing & " SLOWLY " Expulses the comressed air , Against the pellet & Transfer port size !
Time dependant on calibre & Transfer port size.

This is an Millisec process , But not instant, If it were, Springers would last 10 shots Max ?

As Allways, Its never been tried before, Don,t fix it unless its broken , Suck it & See ?
This same question could easily be overcome by a springer arrangement to take up the slack
PS, I don,t get paid for this, Ha ha, Ged Shooting soon !

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