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Spend the day with old friends

April 7 2012 at 8:29 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)
Crosman Forum Member
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Some days, you just have to plink.

Been a few post this week about pumpers and at least one concerning the Crosman 180. Took out the old fellas.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Yeah...they are a bit beat up and worn and I refuse to refinish or repaint them (whoever gets them after me can do that). Still running well, still get the job done, I just elect to let them show their miles....kind of like their owner.

After an hour or so of knocking around cans and plinking paint balls, did decide that each one would fire one 5-shot group at 20 yards and to run a few rounds over the chronograph.

Group at top is from the Crosman 101. Center hold, so its just a touch high.

Group at bottom is from the Crosman 180. Needs a bit of right and I have to admit adjusting the iron sights gets to be a ping-pong match and I really dislike adjusting them.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

So long as I had them out, took a few chronograph readings. Warm day (81F), so the Co2 rifle perked up nicely.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Remembered a few things from this:

Plinking is a mental enema...cleans out the mind nicely.

I cannot see open sights all that well any more but it is fun trying.

Variable power has its place. Really appreciate that on the old 180; plinking paint balls at 530fps works just as well as 609fps.

While I like the old 101, but having to cock it before loading...having to stick your fingers in front of the bolt on a cocked gun without a safety...and not having a real loading platform are bad ideas.

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