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Made a hollow point making tool. Very neat!

May 20 2012 at 8:30 PM
Phil  (Login Duane30)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Okay guys. Here is another creation from the Phil-Factory. Despite being a prick police officer, I'd like to share this with you guys.wink.gif

Digging around insome hobby stuff today, rc airplane pieces parts and what not, found some items to toss out. As the items sat in the little pile waiting to be swept up, an idea hit me. So, picked up the pieces and let the magic begin.

This tool is used to make hollow point pellets, used for .22cal. Did up various pellets form the long Eun Jin 28 grainers to some Crosman Domed pellets just to see if pellet length would pose an issue. Nope, all pellets turned out fantastic. With that, my word. What an amazing difference a serious hollow point cavity does to a target with speeds in excess of 800fps. The pellets literally exploded when hitting every medium I tried today. The best thing about this tool is that the depth of the cavity can be set to the users desires. I like them deep and wide. The pellet will lose about two grains in weight when finished if going with a deep cavity.

Here is the tool pieces. A .18" drill bit placed in a "Dubro" brand rc airplane wheel axle carry. Has set screw so the drill bit depth can be adjusted. Once the axle carry bottoms out on top, depth has been reached. The other device is an aluminum tube with .12" wall, with shaft collar used for grip. Soldered inside the aluminum tube is another tube made of brass with an inside diamter of .18". The pellet loading end (bottom) is set to the average .22 pellet diameter. The pellet, once loaded, shelves/stops against the inner brass tube and helps to prevent the pellet from spinning:
[linked image]

Here is a pellet loaded into the tool, head first:
[linked image]

This pictures shows the drill bit inserted into thepellet holding tube:
[linked image]

This view depicts how to hold the end, which ensures the pellet does not spin from rotating the drill bit by hand:
[linked image]

Here is the final pellet with deep cavity:
[linked image]

"The majority of things in our lives are created by folks no smarter than the rest. Afterall, the world is comprised, and operated by C average people intellctually, academically, and morally. These people are often the great pioneers that set the precedent for what excellence should be."

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