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Oscar, our tabby, will stomp a

May 28 2012 at 8:06 AM
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Crosman Forum Member
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Response to cat as retriever

mudhole in anything that he takes a mind to.

Once caught him trying to sneak up on some DEER in the backyard. One of the few times I prayed to my Dear Lord, "Oh please God, let him get close enough....." Would have been a sight, ole Oscar hanging on by claw and fang while that deer bucked like a Brahama.

He hunts like no other, and the only reasons I dont take him out with me are
1) he does not do too well on the ATV
2) after about 10 min of "no action" he would rather come over and be rubbed.

But in the yard, when we have problem birds, when I set up, he will nearly always set up away from me about 20 yds, in a very hidden spot and wait. I rarely have to follow up shot, even if I make a bad shot, he is on them like white on rice once they are hit.
Weird, even though he that far away, he knows which one I am gonna get if there are multiple problem birds around the yard.

If I could get kind of hunting sense from the dog, man, would I have it made.

We (whole family) sometimes take walks in the evenings. Oscar walks right along with us, almost like the dog, cept the dog has to be on a leash.

When the kids are out playing, he follows them around, and then plops down where they are. I guess he is "watching over them"
He has ELIMINATED the mice long ago, and always brings them up to show them. He has been bitten 2X by some type of snake (vets assessment). He watches over the house and yard ~2.5 acres with impunity, and is the most loving cat I have ever been around.

I am allergic to cats, and really have never cared for them anyway. But he is by far one of the best pets I have had in my life. He is starting to show some age, and I will be saddened when he passes.

Quite the hunting companion. Please don't tell my friends, they already give me a hard time for hunting with air rifles........if they found out my "dog" was a cat....Id really be in for it!!!

God bless, and thanks for sharing.


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