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Carl Quick's LiteWieght 2240

So for about the last 24 months, I've had her on a serious diet. Now I am happy to report that she lost nearly 13 ounces and is feeling so much better. And let me say one thing, when I pick her up with one hand now she is light as a feather. Well, almost a feather.

Things I have done so far:

OEM main tube was lightened by me.
Barrel is OEM and trimmed down by me.
Main tube plug is made of Delrin by me.
Gas cap is aluminum, comes from HPA and bored out by me.
Hammer is made from Delrin by me with a modified 1701P striker.
Valve is an aluminum Disco rear end with a brass Pro-Top by Anthony.
Trigger grip frame is aluminum by Bluefork Design and then hogged out by Gregg.
Front barrel band is aluminum, made by Anthony, drilled by Rich and milled by me.


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Re: I cut the fore stock about 1/3, back to the spring pip on the pump arm.

June 16 2012 at 1:08 PM
ZVP  (Login ZVP)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to I cut the fore stock about 1/3, back to the spring pip on the pump arm.

 My foreend is stock but as I said, the angle seems raked back sorta like the FWB300. It's unique enough I left it alone though I much prefer the stockshape and size on my "C" Model Sheridan.

 Yea the peep works for me! I have mine set @ 30 yards and the rifle shoots cloverleafs off a rest with Premieres.

 I am in the process of re-setting all my air rifle sights to the NRA Airgun range of 25 yards. I have found that my aging eyes prefer this distance3 to 10m.


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