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oh man... where to start

June 25 2012 at 1:19 PM

dan house  (Login dan_house)
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Thanx guys for all the responses to my post below (

I leave you  alone for a couple days, and the brain trust goes wild with a lot of great info and suggestions. Now to sort thru it all....

A lot of talk about changing, or not, the TP from its .101 to possibly something closer to factory diameter..... split the difference? (hehe what we need here is an externally adjustable TP with an iris type "shutter" to be able to test the various theories discsussed sans disassembly... )

Scott was the only one to mention fill pressure. Is that an area needs exploration?  Try the same settings across a number of fill pressures and see what happens?

Was thinking of doing just that... run both adjustment back to "zero"(and counter striker preload to verify my count was corect from last week), then a mag over the chrony to see what happens. Study that for a moment, then make another adjustment and retest? Only test one setting (say striker preload first, then hammer throw)?  set both to the "mid range" and work it either way?

Does all this go straight into the trash heap when I change pellet weights? ( I suppose after this thing settles in, and I find what thing likes to eat, that I should buy a few tonnes of them....)

So I thinkI'll start with:

No change to anything: 5 shots each at 2400, 2600, 2800, 3000. record and plot. Baseline in its current state

run both adjsutments to "zero" and rerun the fill spread test, record and plot

run one adjsutment (striker preload most likely) to the 1/2 point, run the fill spread test, record and plot

dont change the adjustment made above, but start moving the other, record results across the fill spread

I would think that by the third set of tests that some indication or pattern would begin to develop, and suggest a further course of action.

At this point, I open the floor to discussion......






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