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Wild fires, my test range is closed and P rod musings....

June 27 2012 at 10:10 AM

dan house  (Login dan_house)
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Montana in the summer always means two things: road construction on every road bigger tahn a bike trail, and wildfires. and both are within visible sight of my house. Theyve totally destroye dthe intersection I must go thru to go anywhere east of my house, and as 8 am local time, the wildfires had stalled about 15 miles from my house. 40 mph windws yesterday blew the fire 4 miles in one afternoon, and rumors of it coming all the way to us, and being told to evacute were flying everywhere. Not that I needed to be told to get out, and had started the mental check list of what I was gonna take. The winds died down at sunset, its cooler today and the air crews were flying as I left for work. Really hard to lose yourself in airgun testing when walls of flame are visible from your windows.... So much smoke at the house that you could see it blowing between some of my neighbor's houses.


And the Mrs has pulled "eminent domain" on me, and I am forced to vacate the range till sunday afternoon. She is gearing up for a couple of back to back art shows, and will be in 24/7 mode till she leaves. Shooting in the lab means shooting towards her workspace, but she'll be in there now till the week end. Then I get it back

P Rod..... since I will tearing it down to do valve work, and probalby change TP's, I didnt have any qualms about going nutso with the adjustment..... running both down to "zero" (no preloand on the ahmmer and none on the stroke adjustment) its ran in the 380's. Wonder what my shot count would be on that? happy.gif  Running both to about half, brought the gun back to to mid 600s, about what it was doing stock. But even then the numbers kept climibn to the early 700s for a short few shots and dropped off quickly to the 600 again.

In an earlier post, I mentioned it seemed to take gross adjustemnt to the gun to see any affect at the chrony. Still true, but Ive now become aware that dialing in the final 3 feet of it will be a matter a minute adjustments; a "devil's in the details" or 80/20 kinda thing. Whne you start closing in on the target, smaller adjustments narrow the gap. I suspect that'll be the  20% that conumses the 80% of my time with it. Whne the TP gets switched around, I'm wondering if that will still be the case, or since the throttle will be closed a bit, if it will be easier to get it dialed in


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