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Alan Alford's build

2250b Tube for later move to bulk CO2.
12" .22 Caliber Barrel from Doomsday Backpacker
Brian & Assoc. Alluminum Breech with 2 barrel screws
Original site rear
Pin site on Custom Mt. Airguns Muzzle Break
2x1 Centerpoint Scope with UTG dovetail adapters
Mountain Airguns Custom Bolt and Handle
Mountain Airguns Custom Power Adapter and spring guide
B&A Boss Valve for extra Power

Built mainly for fun and to shoot at local Field Trial Pistol Match.

It currently it shoots a 14.3 Crosman Hunting Pellet at about 530 fps in a 72 degree room for 8.92 FPE.

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2400KT Final update

June 30 2012 at 3:16 PM

Crosman Forum Member
from IP address


I thought I would go over what it took for me to get this baby where shes at

[linked image]

Starting at the front I added a TKO muzzel brake, recrowned 14.6" inch barrel, modded 1377 barrel support, discovery bolt and handle,
power adjuster is used to easily swap out hammer springs, Hi-Pac happy.gif wrapped it and air tube in carbon fiber, lanyard for dust cap.

Made a frankenvalve.

[linked image]

Discovery back half co2 front. No other mods there. Next drop sear grip frame nirvanamod trigger. ground bump off bottom of grip frame

[linked image]

Added new hammer, cut to clear breech screw. upgraded hammer pin

[linked image]

The addition of the grip frame and hammer allow the use of a truly heavy hammer spring.From True Value( #44U it's 047 gauge wire. Cut down to about 1 and 7/8" long 5/16" dia. ) With a fill of a few hundred psi or so over "MSRP" (manufacturer's suggested rated pressure) 3200
14.3 CPHP +- 3 fps

To me this is now the perfect carbine. Thanks again Alex

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