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My Crosman 760 ... Better Than I Had Expected

April 17 2017 at 3:10 PM

A.O. Martinez  (Login aom22)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Well fellas ... while I'm waiting the results of the BB-dedicated Crosman 2100.
I had a co-worker tell me he had his grandkids over to his house to shoot some pellet rifles.

One of the kids took a Eurasian dove at about 20-yards with a Benjamin ACP in .22 caliber.
Grandpa had to pump-up the Benjamin for her.
He also has a couple of Daisy 880s ... but, they're scoped.
Grandpa wants the kids to learn how to use iron-sights.

So, I give him both of my Daisy's - Red Ryder and Model 25.
For the grandkids to use under his supervision.
Then, it hit me ... I ain't gonna have any BB-guns after I drop-off the Daisys.

On my way home from work I decided to stop at Walmart and purchase a Crosman 760 that I had seen
on-the-shelf a couple of days prior.
But, I had to lay a careful plan to finish my chores and do an unnoticed drive-by to Walmart.
My wife doesn't like guns ... let alone airguns - she thinks I have way-too-many as is.

Anyway, I had a successful sortie ... got the 760 back to the home unnoticed.
And, I've been sighting-in the 760 for the last 30-minutes.
So far, I've been duly impressed.
I've been hitting 1-inch pecans at 10-meters with regularity.

Albeit from a steadied, standing, position.
Even so, it hasn't been hard to sight-in the 760's semi-buckhorn rear sight.
However, the lack of a windage adjustment feature did make for inconvenient and iffy left/right changes.
Nevertheless, with a little patience ... I'm hitting whatever pecans I've aiming at.
And, the best-part ... the good accuracy is being achieved using non-premium BBs. LOL
Bulk zinc-plated Daisy BBs are doing just-fine for me. LOL

To this end, I think I'm done with Daisy spring & piston BB-guns.
As the Crosman 760 trigger is such an improvement over the Daisy Red Ryder and Model 25.
The Red Ryder trigger although not unreasonably heavy displayed a lot of creep.

On-the-other-hand, the Model 25 trigger was heavy.
So, heavy that after an extended shooting session, my trigger-finger would become sore.

So far, the 760 trigger is not exhibiting any unpleasant characteristics.
Most telling, the 760 trigger is lighter than the trigger-pull of my Daisy 953.
And, I really like my Daisy 953s.

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