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Performance of My 760 Exceeded My Expectations

April 18 2017 at 6:16 PM

A.O. Martinez  (Login aom22)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Response to The 760 was my first BB/pellet gun...

So far ... so good.
My 760 has exceeded the performance of my spring and piston Daisys.
Albeit, requiring 4-strokes of compression to equal the pecan smashing power of my Model 25.

Sure wished I could mount a peep-sight on the 760 .... that would be great.

Even so, spent the last hour shooting the 760, the semi-buckhorn rear sight open sight take
some practice to gain proficency.
I've been able to hit 1-inch pecans at 25-feet off-hand if I'm very careful.
At 21-feet, I can smack pecans consistently - loads of fun.

But, there are somethings I dearly miss about the Daisys.
The feel of wood and metal ... very satisfying.
While the 760 ... much like the Daisy 880 and Crosman 2100/2200 ... traditional steel.
But, employ much more lightweight synthetic materials that are not nearly as welcoming to the touch
as wood.

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