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5-Shots, 5-Strokes Compression at 15-Yards with Daisy Zinc-Coated BBs

April 21 2017 at 8:38 PM

Alejandro O. Martinez  (Login aom22)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to My Crosman 760 ... Better Than I Had Expected

 I spent sometime this afternoon after work shooting my 760.
The object was to refine my 21-foot zero with the open-sights.
The 760 front sight is relatively wide.
As such, I was using the "pumpkin on a post" sight picture at 21-feet
with 3-strokes of compression.

This translated to "post on the middle of the pumpkin" at 10-meters.
When I decided to try my luck at a longer range.
I added 2-stokes more compression for a total of 5-strokes of air charge.
This is one reason I like multi-stroke pneumatics.
As range increases ... it is easy to compensate by adding more strokes of

5-Strokes Compression
Open Sights
Daisy Zinc-Coated Bulk BBs
Standing Position
Upper-Body Braced
Arms Supported

I've been using Daisy zinc-coated BBs exclusively in my 760.
After doing some research on BBs, I concluded the Daisy zinc-coated BBs were
reasonably accurate.
More so than Crosman BBs.

However, I'm gonna try-out some Daisy Avanti Precision Ground BBs in the near
This change will ... no doubt ... require re-sighting-in my 760.
Which is gonna be a real pain because of the lack of windage adjustment.
To shift right or left, I must use some pliers to "pull" the rear sight blade.
This is a "hit-or-miss"(pun intended) proposition.

Daisy Zinc-Coated Bulk BBs

This is a typical pecan that I was using as my POA.
I was consistantly hitting high and too the right of POA.
It took me quite a while to set zero because of the springiness of the rear
sight blade steel.

POA - Center Mass of Pecan
POI - High to the Right
After taking 5-shots, I went down-range to see how far-off the POI was from my POA at 15-yards.
I was very surprised and pleased with the size of the group that was formed.
Can I duplicate this group ... again?
Well, I gonna try with the Avanti Precision Ground BBs and see if the Avanti's perform better.
W. Edwards Deming ... Quality: It is not enough to do-your-best;
you must know what-to-do, and ... then ... do-your-best.
Ever-Onward ... Through the Fog ---- Fort Stockton TX 79735

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