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Who here has a 3D printer?

June 1 2017 at 3:50 PM
Qyuubi786  (Login qyuubi786)
Crosman Forum Member
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I've designed and tested a offset suppressor that is very quiet, due to there not being any metal surfaces that come in contact with the air turbulence. As plastic doesn't resonate like metal does, there is no high pitch tone.

The suppressor is made of three simple parts; the housing, the baffles and the barrel adapter. The adapter has four holes in the design that let's excess air out reducing turbulence behind the pellet and reducing the report from the muzzle end of the suppressor. The baffles has holes that gradually increase in size as the pellet goes through the suppressor,this should also reduce the report. The housing is held on by two screws. The adapter may need slight sanding to allow it to fit onto the barrel (mine is very tight a rubber mallet is needed to remove). You can drill and tap the adapter to make it more secure if you want to be cautious.

I'm not sure if the ATF will have a problem with this, so one should check their state laws!

This is much cheaper to make than buy a suppressor for an airgun. It may takes some time to print. I thought I'd start this thread and see if anyone is interested. It's on Thingiverse, but it's not the complete version and I will upload my current version this weekend.

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