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Actually, LD, the valvepin is one way....

June 16 2017 at 10:25 AM
Phil  (Login Duane35)
Crosman Forum Member
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Response to IF it works as shown in the video its sealing design. The system functions in the same manner as the Sharp guns, just bigger. Though, there is no sliding sear plate with a hole drilled for the pin to 'pop' through. Instead, the valve pin is 5/16" diameter with a reduced tip to 1/4". On the reduced tip is where the sealing o'ring resides, instead of being seated in the valve.

The pin is then machined out and edges rounded. The trigger pin pushes up into the channel cut out of the pin. The trigger pawl pulls down, releasing the valve pin. On the rear of the valve pin, there is a spring which returns the pin home in its rested, seated, sealed state.

Simply pulling the trigger on the open stroke doesn't assist in releasing the vacuum. Pulling the piston out actually pulls on the valve pin causing a tight seal.

The piston works wonderfully. I just machined it pretty much the same as the FX Independence. Pull the piston out, vacuum pulls on the o'ring enough to expose a hole that was machined in the inner radius of the o'ring gland through the piston face. A Delrin buffer ring sits in front of the o'ring to prevent too much movement, as I found the o'ring liked to stick in the open position up to about 1.5" of closing movement, which equated to loss of swept volume.

The way it is configured, permits the operator any stroke sweep within its lever range. So full power, half power, quarter power, etc., can be achieved.

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