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P-rod finally holding air

June 17 2017 at 12:30 AM

Tom West  (Login urgthrash)
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Bout a year back i bought a 2nd hand p-rod. With the intent to use it as mostly a fitting gun so i didnt have to take the stock off my main squirrel smacker to fit new stocks.
It had a slight leak at the gauge block. Finally took the time to get that fixed and get all the little mods attached.
It has a L/W Barrel and a carbon fiber shroud with aluminum baffles. The feller i bought it from did a real awesome job crafting and fitting it all. I did have to mill down the bolt slightly to get it to cycle properly.
It also has a volume extension , so i should get possibly 60 usable shots before it gets to low instead of the 40 i get usually . And of coarse it has a custom stock happy.gif Using a byods gunstock blank. To keep the color as light as possible i sanded all the boiled linseed oil finish off it and used carpenters wood glue as thin as possible to seal it. This keeps the vibrant blue vibrant, as when i hit it with the BLO it darkened up considerably and it lost that brilliant blue.

Sorry i haven't posted in ages , work keeps me busy but im still around

photo IMAG0074_zpsjtipfcqe.jpg
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