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Crosman 400 Repeater

September 5 2006 at 3:06 PM
Michael Rigotti Sr.  (Login Croshunter)
from IP address

I have chance to buy a Crosman 400 Repeater. What do you know about them? It looks like a 160 but has a pellet feed device on the left of the bolt.
It uses two 12 gram CO2 cartridges like the 160 does. How rare is it? value? I don't have any infro on this one.


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(Login CO222)
Crosman Forum Member

If it's anything like

September 5 2006, 3:47 PM 

the Crosman 600 feeding mechanism, which it looks like, be aware that it'll be
fussy about pellets as they are stacked inline. Probably can't use long or
pointed pellets. There's a manual floating around on the net somewhere if you seach.

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Michael Rigotti Sr.
(Login Croshunter)

Reply to Answer

September 5 2006, 4:19 PM 

Thanks. I did a search of this forum. There was a post last year saying it's value is about $130.00 depending on condition. It looks like it's a first model. Well, I went ahead and bought it. It needs seals but looks good other than that. The posts liked the gun. I have a 160 so I am kind of familiar with the type as far as use goes. I'll try it with flat nose pellets after the reseal.

Always Fun!

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(Login arathol1)
Crosman Forum Member

its not a 160

September 5 2006, 4:59 PM 

The 400 action is more like the 180 in design, in fact the stocks are interchangeable. Its a lot smaller than the 160 and not so powerful. The repeater mechanism is like that used on the 600 but it manual bolt action not semi auto gas blowback operated. It doesn't seem quite as pellet fussy as the 600 either.

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Michael Rigotti Sr.
(Login Croshunter)


September 5 2006, 6:18 PM 

Thanks for the information. Yes, I was just compairing it to my 160. It is smaller. Still learn'in.

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(Login NVSVR)

Crosman 400

September 5 2006, 10:36 PM 

My older (crossbolt safety) 400 is my son's absolute favorite rifle. I haven't tried different pellets, but I've never had an issue with Crosman WC -- the cheap ones in the plastic box. It shoots harder than either of my other repeaters (99 or 622). Last time I shot it over the chronograph it did better than 600 fps but it was a hot day.


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(Login tripleguy)
Crosman Forum Member

CR400 info.

September 6 2006, 11:11 AM 

I think the 400 is a fun gun to shoot. A 10 shot pellet repeater in 22 cal - how cool is that?

I agree - the wadcutters feed flawlessly. With a stock valve, mine does 533 fps @70 degrees. I have a hot valve ready to go in it once I resolve the bluing issue. Purchased a QB valve and performed the mods as described on the Charlie the Tuna website. I haven't installed it yet but I'm hoping to be up over 600 fps with it.

I am very pleased with how accurate this gun is. The trigger adjustments allow you to get a pretty decent trigger and a 1/2" 5 shot group @ 10 meters is easy for me even with the wadcutters. Round nose pellets do feed although you have to persuade them a bit. This gun was purchased used for me by my grandfather back in 1972. Still in great shape but I messed up the bluing with Blue Wonder. Will be looking to have it hot blued soon.

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