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Crosman 2260 vs. QB(22,78,79)

January 18 2007 at 5:27 PM
Craftsmanatlarge  (Login craftsmanatlarge)
from IP address

I would like to replace the two unpredictable springers I have and go back to a simpler way of life as far as the actual act of shooting a pellet gun goes. I have had a Winchester 800x for a couple of years and it has taken it's fair share of bushy vermin pests, also a Gamo Shadow Sport, started good(turned bad when scope tube let go inside) the scope was replaced by Cabelas but the gun is very unpredictable. Maybe I haven't shot them enough but i have had enough. Co2 is my goal in .22 with at least a valve mod. My question is which of these two affordable gassers is cheaply and easilly modified for my need of bushy tails at less than 20 yards. I have read great things about both, just as I did with the Gamo Thanks in advance for your advice. Rich

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tim miller
(Login tmmiller)
Crosman Forum Member

the 2260 is easy to mod,

January 18 2007, 5:39 PM 

it's cheap, and you can get 15-20 fpe from them. Some people don't like the trigger in the 2260 and it isn't as easy to modify as the 2240/2250 trigger group. You could buy a 2250 and get a 24" barrel for it.

I can't speak of the QB as I haven't shot one or modded one. The 2260 is very moddable, though. It's pretty easy to get a smooth, powerful, accurate and customized 22xx gun. A good tutorial on how to mod is here:


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(Login 6gunSal)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Crosman 2260 vs. QB(22,78,79)

January 18 2007, 5:42 PM 

 Mike Melick over on the Chinese Airgun forum sells the qb and mods it to about 700-750fps all for about $100 - very slick job includes trigger and other things too.  you can research his mods and work here ->  You can email him and ask about it here ->  I have one of these and it kicks butt!

Also 1750MASTER here on this forum mods them too.  I'm sure a lot of ppl will chime in and tell about his as I don't have any firsthand info.....yet.   .  He also does great work.  You can see some of his masterpieces here ->  and check out his mods and work here by doing a search.

both will do ya proud in a qb

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(Login gubb33ps)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Crosman 2260 vs. QB(22,78,79)

January 18 2007, 6:00 PM 

As issued, that 20yard range limit on Squirrels is easily achieved. Milage will vary, but 500fps +/- 30fps is about what I'd expect with either of them stock, which will do the trick fine at 20yards (so long as the pellet is placed amount of power makes up for that).

Think the Crosman can be made into a much prettier/sleeker rifle, but the QB is the easier one to modify to the 600-625fps range. Handtools, a bit of smoothing, a little spring fiddling, and adjusting the riggger (and it adjusts easily with they want you to adjust it). Isn't really a slam against Crosman as that QB is basically a Crosman design.

For the Crosman 2260, it will cost a bit harder to modify...but usually comes out "pretty".

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Dave Rose
(Login DRose)
Crosman Forum Member


January 18 2007, 6:03 PM 

The QB-78 is a superior gun. It is a copy of the Crosman 160 discontinued in the 1970s and is both affordable and easily modified for more horsepower. It is easily bulk filled with the right accessories.
Several airgunsmiths will soup it up for you or you can try working on it yourself. Most of the barrels will turn out excellent accuracy.
Cost wise it may be cheaper to get a QB and modify than to modify the Crosman 2260 with a steel breech and maybe internal parts for bulkfill operation.

This is my QB-77 with a extended tube for bulkfill. It's not a necessary part but get over 100 shots with the extended bulk tube. Dave

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(Login bckskin2)
Crosman Forum Member

QB78 delux vs 2260

January 12 2011, 8:54 AM 

The QB78 lists for a little more than the 2260 and needs the upgrade to beat the 2260 volicity. I'm sure different pellets. Looks like the QB is still a lot of gun for the money. Would you opt for the Gold package?

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(Login ratite)
Crosman Forum Member

I like the Qb 79

January 18 2007, 9:13 PM 

uses the 9 oz paintball tank good trigger very stright shooter 675fps in 177

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(Login craftsmanatlarge)

Thank you all

January 18 2007, 10:38 PM 

for the information. I was thinking the 2260 was as easy as the 2240 and 50 but it seems not. Those QB's are so tempting. Guess I will try one. Thanks again. Rich

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Tracy V
(Login Tracy_V)
Crosman Forum Member

It kinda depends on the type of stock you want ...

January 18 2007, 11:01 PM 

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(Login C02sniper)

Get a QB 78 deluxe from Mike Melick....................

January 19 2007, 7:40 AM 

newest and best QC for your dollar. Gold trigger and ugraded bolt.... or if you opt for the AR2078 or TF79 you cant loose you get the match sights and match or thumbhole stock. Also note the QB79 if you want bulk or remtoe paintball gun if you want consistent POI and shot count. Some of the QB's out fo box need immense TLC like one of mine did. If you buy from Mike M at flying Dragon Airguns you will get a good deal already tuned and crown check and gun dialed in. Have him do a hair trigger tune...either caliber will want to own both like I did. Frankly the nicest stock for western frames about 5-10 is the thumbhole stock variant but it costs more than base 78 models and the QB79. Remember the groves are 11mm for scopes on these.

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