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Scoping the IZH 61 (Not Crosman but nice to know)

December 19 2007 at 10:46 PM
Michael in Florida  (Login haywire2)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

I’m sure a lot of you own an IZH 61 and know what a wonderful little rifle it is. It’s a pretty accurate 10 meter springer and I love shooting it, but with my aging eyes I’m always looking for other options when it comes to seeing the sights and the target at the same time. I tend to scope my rifles and adjust the objective so that I can shoot without having to wear my glasses. However, I’ve always had a problem mounting and keeping a scope on the IZH 61.

I first tried the BKL 253 but it got in the way of the magazine release button on top of the receiver, and I could never get the correct eye relief, even with the compact scopes. The dovetail is only 2.5 inches long and there’s no provision/room for a scope stop. Even though the IZH 61 is a mild shooter, the scope just wouldn’t stay put.

I also tried the Crosman 495MTC Intermount, but the misfit (0.438 vs. 0.513) wouldn’t provide a good grip on the barrel, and the scope would rotate at even the slightest bump.

So now I think I've finally found a solution, at least for me. It’s the Air Venturi BJ Intermount designed for Benjamin Sheridan pumpers. The picatinny rail that attaches to the Intermount gives me the option to use any size scope from compact to full length and still get the eye relief correct. Best thing of all is it doesn’t get in the way of the magazine, the magazine release button, or the sidelever. Don’t forget that you’ll need Weaver style rings for your scope.

Even though the intermount was designed for the Benjis, it fits the IZH like a glove between the front of the receiver and the back of the barrel band/clamp. The problem was the fit of the intermount to the barrel. The ID of the intermount will adjust from 0.540 to 0.556 and the OD of the IZH’s barrel is 0.515. Guitar picks to the rescue.

Guitar picks make great shim stock. They’re flexible, easy to cut, compress very little while providing a great grip, and they can be found just about anywhere in all thicknesses, colors and sizes. I found some thin picks that measured 0.020 in the pick box and cut them to fit inside the Intermount.

To install the Intermount to the IZH 61, you’ll have to (1)remove the rear sight and (2)unscrew the barrel from the receiver. Trust me, it’s a simple 3 minute job. The rear sight comes off by removing the drift pin. Once you loosen the top Phillips head screw on the barrel band/clamp, you can unscrew the barrel from the receiver. Back it out enough to slip the Intermounts over the barrel from the breech end. There’s no need to remove the large plastic Phillips head screw on top of the receiver. That screw allows access to the transfer port, for lubing the compression chamber. Screw the barrel back into the receiver and tighten up the Phillips head screw in the barrel band/clamp.

If you choose to remove the front sight, simply unscrew the front of the sight assembly. The rest of the sight is press fitted to the muzzle, so a gentle tap forward with a protective wood block will remove it.

When you get everything back together, line up the Intermount to the vertical axis of the rifle and tighten all the hardware. You’ll have a good solid scope mounting platform for your IZH 61 for under $25.






Michael in Florida

Success is not an entitlement.

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Jeff Pursley
(Login jtpursley)
Crosman Forum Member

Excellent Solution Michael

December 20 2007, 3:48 AM 

Looks like it was there all the time.  Guitar picks, eh.  Nice looking "tactical" rifle, I like that.


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Rob in NC
(Login rob3dr)
Crosman Forum Member


December 20 2007, 9:11 PM 

Thanks much for sharing that. I'd given up scoping my 61!

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