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Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine

Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine w/Custom Stock

Here's one I'm especially proud of and is modded all over, doing 12fpe at 15 pumps.
Stock is Teak from Thailand and super light weight 1322 Carbine!

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why not a 1377 for Rabbits???

December 28 2007 at 7:28 AM
Apache1500  (Login Apache1500)
from IP address

Hi all, question is:.....why is a Crosman 1377,that is 600 fps not suitable to shoot Rabbits???....the .177,wth that power will go straight through the target ,where as a .22 will knock it down...i have been told i ca use a rifle for Rabbits ,but not my 1377????...but the rifles fps are much lower fps than my 1377...also its ok to shoot rabbits with a rifle thaT 600FPS.........Yup bit confused here,but im sure you my friend`s can put my straight

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(Login dewpell)
Crosman Forum Member

Don't believe everything...........................................

December 28 2007, 7:57 AM 

you hear & only half of what you see.

I'm sure Skyler from PSPĀ  & many others here can fill you in on that question. Shot placement is paramount as with all hunting.

Happy New Year.


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(Login buckragreen)
Crosman Forum Member

It would not be my first choice

December 28 2007, 9:11 AM 

, But with head shots its not out of the question.


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Bill S.
(Login tripleguy)
Crosman Forum Member

Shoot straight and it won't matter

December 28 2007, 9:24 AM 

In my teens, my primary hunting rig was a Benji 347. I killed more squirrels and rabbits with it than any kid in my hunting party. I also did more target shooting than any of them and relied on head shots, whenever afforded one.

A .177 of sufficient power is more than enough with a well placed shot. You have a slightly larger margin of error with a .22 plus more energy at the same velocity for greater knockdown power on larger game.

"but I'll be needin' that gun, fer squirrels and such."

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(Login custers)

A 1377 is fine.

December 28 2007, 9:27 AM 

It is not just the speed, but for the kinetic energy that you bring to the target, what counts.

You can easy calculate this yourself.
speed (fps) x speed (fps) x mass (grain) / 450240 = fpe

600 X 600 X 7,87 / 450240 = 6,29 fpe
This is at the muzzle.

About 5 fpe is requert for a clean kill on a rabbit.
So, this does limit your distance. But a basic 1377 should do just fine.

If you worry about over penetration, you could use Gamo expander pellets.
But good shot placement in the kill zone comes first if you asked me.

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(Login airderwear)

A stock/factory 1377 is 5ish FPE top end -

December 28 2007, 9:39 AM 

few get to 6 FPE. Some are high 4s FPE out of the box.

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(Login custers)

Try to pump as manny times as the gun will

December 28 2007, 10:27 AM 

dump all of the air in one shot. You assume 10 pumps is max. If you are not happy or secure with the power output, modify youre 1377.

Stronger hammerspring, more pumping and a longer barrel will increase youre power output. I am sure there are other things you could improve on the 1377.

That is already half of the fun is it not?

But still, a basic 1377 could do the job. It has.

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(Login airderwear)

A bone stock/factory 1377 may....

December 28 2007, 9:34 AM 

only produce 500 fps MV with say CPLs (7.9 gr) on 10 pumps or
a little more or a little less. Some get near mid 500s - that's
probably when they are about 'right' as in sealed, lubed, tight
between cup and valve head, etc.

Power is pretty 'thin' for shooting rabbits even with well placed
shot at close range. One may or may not get a kill at 10 yds. Sure
there have been kills at 20 yds. or so with 5ish FPE airguns but
it's a gamble - a kid shootin' kinda thing.

I've read some results performancewise about a few of the Benji
HB pumper pistols some folks have recently purchased new and it
appears Crosman is "watering these guns down". Maybe they're doing
the same with the 1377s. Maybe the guns are just dry, leaking and/or
sloppy in tolerances.

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(Login wvkeith)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: A bone stock/factory 1377 may....

December 28 2007, 10:08 AM 

I've killed rabbits with a slingshot before. Not the toughest critters in the woods for sure. I'd limit the distance to inside 20 yards and only take head shots with the 1377.

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(Login airderwear)

Yep I know -

December 28 2007, 5:03 PM 

I've seen rabbits go down for good 'beaned' by a Daisy
lever action BB rifle at 10 or so yds.

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(Login gmany)
Crosman Forum Member

Use hollow point or match pellets for close range head shots

December 28 2007, 2:42 PM 

Those kinds of pellets will help transfer the most energy into the rabbits head. My HB 22(<6fpe) went in and out of a cottontails' head at 10-15yds.

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john richardson
(Login snapchief)
Crosman Forum Member


December 28 2007, 9:36 PM 

A brick thrown at 30 feet per second carries exponentially more power that a 8 gr.
pellet at 500 feet per second. A stone from a sling shot......the same. Just ask Goliath.
Sparrows and black birds best bet with a stock 1377. Rabbits, add more power and weight.


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(Login Apache1500)

why not a 1377 for Rabbits???

December 29 2007, 11:25 AM 

thanx to everyone who used their time to reply to my question.....i am no longer "confused"...i will use head shot only at 10 yds,for Rabbit......will get my gun adapted when i get some dosh to upgrade ....many thanx guys!!!.....and a Happy New Year!!!!.......Apache1500

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(Login clasicalgas)
Crosman Forum Member

depends a lot on the rabbit,how well your 1377 is set up,and

December 29 2007, 5:30 PM 

how good you are with it.Closer is better,but smallish cottontails are easy with head shots placed between the eye and base of ear.I've done it with as little as 400 fps in .177,(protecting the veggie garden)but I'm happier with close to 600.

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