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Building a 1377 with a 24 inch barrel

February 1 2008 at 4:45 PM

Cory G  (Login Peoples_Elmo)
from IP address

I am considering a 24 inch barrel for my otherwise stock (I did lighten the trigger pull☻) 1377.

I need to know about how much a 24 inch barrel with increase the power, I mainly shoot glass bottles and sometimes squirrels with my other guns (rws air magnum 850 and a rws diana 34)but right now my 1377 cannot break a bottle 50% of the time and I seriously doubt it could take a squirrel, could a 24 inch barrel increase the guns power enough to do this?

Also how do I take out the old barrel and put in the new 24 inch 1760 barrel?

I am new to taking apart airguns and this seems like the easiest way to increase
power if there are any other simple mods please point me in there direction


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(Login j3magnum)
Crosman Forum Member

well first check the mod section....

February 1 2008, 6:29 PM 

second go to crosman and download the parts schematic for your 1377..that way if yo lose any parts you'll know the part numbers...third go to the common part numbers section of this forum and get the part numbers for a 1760 barrel and a 2289 barrel band may even want to go ahead and order a steel breech..fourth drive out the roll pin on the front of you gun and remove the old barrel band. Fifth remove the rear sight screw and the tiny screw inside the breech ( you can see it when you open the bolt), Sixth now is the time to get some poly tubing and make a new transfer port that will actually seal. Seventh put every thing back together and enjoy you've just moved up to around 700 plus fps with light pellets and 10 pumps..If you want more than that contact me.....

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Cory G
(Login Peoples_Elmo)

Does this sound right?

February 2 2008, 4:39 PM 

I need a 1760 barrel, a 2289 barrel band and a 2289 barrel band screw?
Most other people doing similar mods seem to have a steel breech will a steel breech hold the barrel down any better?

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Jeff Pursley
(Login jtpursley)
Crosman Forum Member


February 2 2008, 5:30 PM 

and Yes.  A recent post highlighted the advantages of a steel vs. plastic breech, should be easy to find on the last page or two


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Bob Dole
(Login BobDole42)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Building a 1377 with a 24 inch barrel

February 1 2008, 6:49 PM 

Do a search there is hundreds or more like thousands of posts about modding these guns. Spend some time reading and you will get more ideas then you ever wanted.

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(Login shootski)
Troll, Banned User or Assorted Delinquent

I Really Like that Bob!

February 1 2008, 8:10 PM 

hope I never get it


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(Login revencer)
Crosman Forum Member

well for one thing

February 2 2008, 7:22 AM 

i have an old 1377, at least 10 years, completley stock, it was my grandpas. I have hit about 5 squirrels with it in the past week, all kills.

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