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Scot Laughlin's Custom All Weather 2260

2260 with short crosman receiver atop a mini riser made from aluminum tube. Barrel is a 2200 soda straw
tensioned inside a titanium golf club shaft. Three screw mod to the trigger, bulk co2, SSP 250 rear cocking
striker assembly. Factory stock, reshaped, bedliner finish and stick on cheek piece. The idea was a weather
resistant light hunter for rainy days.
I've got a Cothran stainless receiver and gas tube waiting for me to get back to this one.

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Crosman Authorized Repair Centers...

November 2 2008 at 10:31 PM
DZR  (Login DZrat)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

....there was some confusion in the "CO2 Question" post below - the status of various Crosman dealers & repair centers was in question. Truth is - there are dozens of Crosman Authorized Repair Centers located all over the world.

There is a "Customer Service" tab at the bottom of the Crosman factory homepage - click it and then click "Find A Service Center" - you can enter the postal abbreviation for any state and see the results. Many states have multiple Authorized Service Centers.

And far from popular belief - Mac-1 is not an Authorized Crosman Repair Center - imagine that. All that means is Tim ran afoul of factory rules long ago - and lost Authorized status. That he knows Crosmans is not in question. But he is not an Authorized Repair Center.

Check out the Crosman Service Center locater - you might be surprised. - HV3

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November 2 2008, 11:06 PM 


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Doug Owen
(Login DKOwen)
Crosman Forum Member

Thanks very much....

November 3 2008, 3:06 AM 

Interesting information, what does it mean? What does being Authorized mean? In the CO2 safety issue it was brought up that this was an indication of crediability and support for the aftermarket practices. Does this then mean Crosman supports this?

I'd understood that Mac1 was no longer authorized. I agree it may be as a result of Tim's outspoken positions, the man does tend to speak his mind. For sure he knows what he knows by experience. I also recall reading somewhere (Fletcher's book?) that at one point they (under his Father?) were the only other service center aside from the factory, obviously that's changed. I still have to wonder if Tim "ran afoul of factory rules long ago - and lost Authorized status" what those rules might be. Should be easy enough to ask 'em........

Doug Owen

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Bob in WV
(Login duhuh)
Crosman Forum Member

re Thanks

November 3 2008, 5:53 AM 

I talked to one popular authorized Crosman repairman a while back and he said Crosman did not allow him to do any performance mods on Crosman guns. Maybe that is what rules Tim broke. Tim's business is about performance, thank goodness. I bought that .177 Disco from him and it is a very accurate gun. Oh and the LD, well it is the bomb. A good friend of mine bought a Condor from Tim and I bought a stock one and my friends gun gets many more shots per fill than mine does. He does great work.

Bob in WV

Never get in a hurry, it only slows you down.

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Doug Owen
(Login DKOwen)
Crosman Forum Member


November 3 2008, 11:34 AM 

"he said Crosman did not allow him to do any performance mods on Crosman guns"

That would clearly let Tim out, for sure. And I would assume the Max-Flo valve as well? Maybe the agreement only covers work done, not parts sold?

Thanks for another useful insight.

Doug Owen

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(Login DZrat)
Crosman Forum Member

Mods vs Repairs

November 3 2008, 1:21 PM 

Mac-1 did not have problems with Crosman due to modifed Crosman airguns. About a decade ago (?) when Crosman took over the Benjamin line of airguns Crosman mandated that all Authorized Service Centers NOT repair certain models of Benjamin rifles (can't remember which) and that those Benjamin airguns be returned to Crosman - not repaired - and REPLACED with newer model Benjamin/Crosman variant guns.

Of course - not everyone wanted to lose their old Benji's and receive a new "improved" Crosman/Benjamin instead. Tim was repairing the old Benji's at owner request - and in time the Crosman factory yanked his Authorized Service status for the practice.

Whether or not an Authorized Service Center performs power-enhancement mods on Crosman airguns has never really been an issue - although the factory did try to discourage it - mods were mostly left to the discretion of the individual dealer/repair center. Being an authorized center does not grant magical abilities to the 'smith - it merely allows that dealer to purchase Crosman parts at the best possible prices.

With Crosman having some of the least expensive prices of any airgun parts - not being an authorized center is not an insurmountable problem - and the result is only slightly higher parts costs - or maybe just buying the parts from another authorized center.

- HV3

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Jon B.
(Login eeler1)
Crosman Forum Member

Yeah, thats how I understood it

November 3 2008, 3:42 PM 

certain guns you can't repair, if you do, you are out. I think the Benjamin was a safety/trigger issue, with the legal people banning the older guns from repair due to liability. I personally kinda like the old Benjamins and their safety mechanism.

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