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Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine

Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine w/Custom Stock

Here's one I'm especially proud of and is modded all over, doing 12fpe at 15 pumps.
Stock is Teak from Thailand and super light weight 1322 Carbine!

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Crosman 1400 tips and tricks

June 29 2009 at 11:29 AM
Daniel Mijangos  (Login 375RoundBall)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Last week I received a complete crosman 1400 that was not holding air. After resealing I start playing with it to see if I can improved the trigger and the performance of the gun.

Better shights
The sights of the hammerly RWS 850 are a direct replacement.

Light Trigger
To make the trigger feels lighter, I replaced the trigger spring 140-028 with a lighter one, maybe half the original one. Polish the hammer 140-017 and the sear.

Overtravel stop
To remove the overtravel of the trigger I put a screw between the hamme spring 140-028 and the screw 140-039. With the screw 140-039 I remove the overtravel of the trigger.

Short pull
To shorten the pull of the trigger I put a wooden dowel beteewn the trigger and the trigger housing, in the front of the trigger. Make sure that there is enought sear contact.

Load bigger pellets
To load bigger pellets or have more space when loading, I remove the screw that hold the bolt to the probe and use a set screw.

To keep open the probe,
I glued a small neodymium magnet in the part 1930-015. The magnet holds open the probe while pointing your gun downwards.

Playing with the springs of the gun I discover that:

A softer spring doesn´t keep the air pumped in the first pumps.
A harder spring keeps the air pumped but make the pumping harder.

A very softer spring 111-030 will let all the air scape more rapidly but wont cock again the gun.
A softer spring 111-030 will let the air scape rapidly.
A harder spring 111-030 will make the air scape slowly.

Improve the valve
Whit the valve out, I noticed that the valve doesn´t have a seal between the 140A056 and the 140-004, so I put some teflon tape to make a seal. After the teflon tape fails I make a gasket seal. I will try using silicon if this fails.

Crosman 1400 just resealed, small leak at the breach seal.
pump fps
4 460
6 533
8 577

With the strong hammer spring
4 351
6 419
Not worth pumping 8 times.

With the valve with teflon tape
4 351
6 660 672 <---- very interesting reading. Maybe debris from the teflon tape? <br> 8 The teflon tape was pushed out of the barrel and the breach seal fails.

With the valve and a gasket seal, leaky breach seal.
4 447
6 515
8 570
I feel a lot of air in my hands, need to make a new breach seal.

I like this gun a lot. Its easy to pump and with the trigger mods It feels a lot better. Accuracy is excellent from day one.
I hope this information help makes your gun better.
If someone needs pictures I will take them tonight.


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(Login lauchlin)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Crosman 1400 tips and tricks

June 29 2009, 11:50 AM 

I am getting 590 to 620 on 8 pumps all stock guns just resealed .

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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Daniel Mijangos
(Login 375RoundBall)
Crosman Forum Member

Nice guns!!! nt.

June 29 2009, 2:59 PM 

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Tim McMurray
(Login Mac-1)
Crosman Forum Member

Trigger pull is a pump value related force

June 30 2009, 2:43 PM 

As the pressure in the valve builds it requires more force to pull the trigger to release the air. It is a sintered steel trigger and when the sear engagemnt is minimized by trigger take up it can chip the tip of the trigger which engages the sear. Don't get greedy as the system is simple and thus has it's inherant limitations.
Reducing the trigger return spring tension will have a greater effect at low pump values but when the pressure is up the spring is a very small percentage of the total force involved.
The 1400 is a gun you do not want to push to the breaking point as finding spare levers and pistons are rather difficult since the parts have now been discontinued for a few decades. Keep it lubed and don't overpump it. It is a good gun and will last for a long time if cared for correctly but when your lever is toast your not going to be able to find one.

[linked image]




Mac1 Airgun

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Daniel Mijangos
(Login 375RoundBall)
Crosman Forum Member

Thanks for the information Tim. nt.

July 1 2009, 8:29 AM 

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David Coffey
(Login dcoffey48)
Crosman Forum Member

The 1400s are nice guns.

June 29 2009, 2:46 PM 

Mine does 680 with 10 pumps with 14.3 Crosman Premier Hollow point pellets. The only mod I did was the poly tube breech (barrel) seal mod like on the 22xx and 13xx guns.

The valve does not work like the 22xx and 13xx series guns. The hammer does not strike the valve to open and release air. The sear on holds the "cap" on the valve and the pressure inside the valve blows the valve open. The "hammer spring" is really not a hammer spring like the other style valves but rather a return spring to re-cap the valve.


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Daniel Mijangos
(Login 375RoundBall)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: The 1400s are nice guns.

June 29 2009, 3:01 PM 

I hope that with a good breach seal and some fixes my 1400 will get someday to 680fps at 10 pumps. This gun was in a bad shape, but with a little work is getting better.

Thanks for the explanation.


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(Login bigbore)
Crosman Forum Member

Great tips Daniel...

June 30 2009, 8:55 AM 

thanks for the effort. I own one of these and will take notes.

[linked image]

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Wiliam Knish
(Login HairyClipper)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Crosman 1400 tips and tricks

July 4 2009, 1:51 PM 

This is my first post since gaining admission to this select group and I have been following this thread quite closely. Many years when I was young(er), something like 45 years ago now, a neighborhood friend's dad bought him an air rifle. If my memory serves me correctly(don't bet on that) it was a Crosman 140 in .22 caliber. We would get to go shoot it with him every now and then and thought, "can life get any better than this?" The '60's, as a kid, was a great time to be growing up in Minnesota. The Twins moved to the state along with the Vikings. Fishing was great! The winters brought many heavy snows(and days off school) as well as record spring floods.

Somehow that Crosman has always been in the back of my mind.

A couple of weeks ago on Gunbroker, I had the high bid on a Crosman 1400 that was cosmetically in nice shape although it was missing the rear sight. The seller admitted that it "might need new seals". Yesterday, my buddy Tommie(another old guy) and I went to Minneapolis to see Gary up at B & B Supply, my airgunsmith. While we waited, Gary did his magic on the old Crosman. We had great conversation on various topics and finally decided we best head for home. When I got back, the Mrs. and I ate lunch. Then I went out on the patio and pumped the 1400 and fired a few rounds. My wife says I always get this child-like smile on my face when I handle guns. It may have been a bit more like a child yesterday...I know I was.

While I do have other airguns, that Crosman is the one that brought me into the airgun world and will never be far away as long as I can help it!

Great info on an old classic!


This ain't Dodge City and you ain't Bill Hickcock-Matthew Quigley

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