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Carl Quick's LiteWieght 2240

So for about the last 24 months, I've had her on a serious diet. Now I am happy to report that she lost nearly 13 ounces and is feeling so much better. And let me say one thing, when I pick her up with one hand now she is light as a feather. Well, almost a feather.

Things I have done so far:

OEM main tube was lightened by me.
Barrel is OEM and trimmed down by me.
Main tube plug is made of Delrin by me.
Gas cap is aluminum, comes from HPA and bored out by me.
Hammer is made from Delrin by me with a modified 1701P striker.
Valve is an aluminum Disco rear end with a brass Pro-Top by Anthony.
Trigger grip frame is aluminum by Bluefork Design and then hogged out by Gregg.
Front barrel band is aluminum, made by Anthony, drilled by Rich and milled by me.


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Can I shoot 100 yards with a custom 2300

June 7 2011 at 12:34 PM
Mike  (Login lowridr)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

I was at a cabin last week, that just happened to have a 100 yard range set up. Target was 4ft by 6ft. I had my supped up 2240 with me so I thought I would give it a shot. Had to aim at the space station but made some contact. When the pellets hit they did so with a loud smack. When I missed, the ballets would kick up some good dirt in the bank 20 yards behind the target. So I know it has the power to get there with the stock 2240 barrel. I have a Crosman 2300 custom with a 14" barrel and a 3-9 scope. Did not have this gun with me. The 2300 has no mods at this time. I was thinking of going with a .25cal 14" barrel, valve job and some bulk.
Any thoughts?

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(Login jct842)
Crosman Forum Member

co2 long range

June 7 2011, 12:56 PM 

even with a high powered co2 rifle 100 yards is a bit far. I have a couple rifles that I shoot at 75 yards using small frying pans as targets, going from a sight in at 25 yards they require about 8 to 12 inchs hold over for a hit. the power left at that range is not enough to reliably kill much of bird or animal out side of a sparrow or mouse. (I have made a few squirrel kills though at 75 yards.) for me it is no fun to be only able to hit a target once in a while, hense the frying pans I use for targets at long distances. the short barreled co2 guns are much more at home at 25 yards with small targets. the longer a pellet is in flight the more chances that it will go some where else. a frying pan makes a satisfying clang too. john

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(Login spysir)
Crosman Forum Member


June 7 2011, 1:31 PM 

"I" couldnt with a pistol, perhaps you can. Now if you switch to .25 w/out a lot of mods (and using the word "shoot" to mean hit your target and thinking you target is not a barn).
I have QB .177 shooting 7.9g JSB that will put 3 out of 5 touching at 110 yards on a good day, but that is shooting at 805fps.
I have a friend that can shoot Field Target and hold his own with the best in the country using a 6.5fpe rifle. With no wind I would think "he" could shoot some respectable targets with the same rifle @100yards (but I am pretty sure he would need to re-zero and maybe even shim the scope as even 55yards pretty well max's out the clicks).
Let us know how it turns out for you.

[linked image]

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(Login lowridr)
Crosman Forum Member

frying pan would be good I don't shoot the 2300 much. It seems alittle over ki.

June 7 2011, 3:04 PM 

I have no allusion about shooting cheese puffs off a tooth pick. But the sound of that pellet hitting the 4'X6' board at 100 yards was great.I don't shoot the 2300 much. It's seems a little over kill at 33'. I mainly shoot the 2240 or my Crosman 357. Hitting a 12" pan at 100 yards would be fun, then I would back off to a more reasonable range. Another question. Can pellets be shaped more like bullets?
Maybe make some custom pellets?

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