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Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine

Jim Gillilan's Custom 1322 Carbine w/Custom Stock

Here's one I'm especially proud of and is modded all over, doing 12fpe at 15 pumps.
Stock is Teak from Thailand and super light weight 1322 Carbine!

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Crosman Marauder pistol - parts costs for selected parts

November 2 2012 at 3:34 PM
Markasaurus  (Login markasaurus)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

As of today, November 2 2012

Today I called Crosman to order spares for my P-rod. Just some o-rings for when i tear it apart for cleaning in 6 months or a year, but I was curious how much certain critical spares, like the valve assembly would cost so i priced those too. I priced a lot of parts that I didn't buy, those "just in case" parts - and I thought some people would be interested in knowing what they cost.
The parts numbers are from the Crosman Exploded view and parts list. The prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Valve parts
1700-140 Valve stem, overmolded $7.00
1763-034 Spring, valve 1.49
1700-100 Valve assembly (complete) 25.00

Fill Adapter parts
1761-106 Mipple, adapter 11.00
NS1200-047 Sintered filter 1.89

2220-017 Barrel, .22 cal., 12" 21.00

Reservoir tube
2220-001 39.00
Pressure gauge
1763-033 12.00

Pistol Grip assembly, Complete (includes all trigger parts except plastic grips)
2220-103 assembly, grip frame 42.00
2220-021 Sear 5.00

68AT-035, 190B-008, 1761A023, 130-035, $1.15 - 2.00 each

No I don't work for Crosman but after my 1322 modifying I had the number almost memorized from buying parts and spares. You can't order online only by phone. Have your parts numbers ready, if you don't have the parts numbers the order person is going to have a tough time ordering what you want.


Shipping on parts orders is a flat $4 per order. So obviously its best to order everything you need, might need, or want in one order.

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(Login Craig3R)
Crosman Forum Member

Will grip frame fit other Crosman Pistols?

November 2 2012, 4:31 PM 


Do you know if the grip frame will fit either the 13xx or 2240?

It would be nice to have a two-stage trigger.

Thanks for any info on this...


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dan house
(Login dan_house)
Crosman Forum Member

should fit nt

November 2 2012, 4:40 PM 


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(Login rsterne)

The grip frame will fit, but....

November 2 2012, 5:00 PM 

you will need a different hammer.... The waist in the hammer on a 13XX or 22XX (or Disco) will catch the sear on a PRod trigger either breaking the sear, or at the very least requiring you to pull the trigger to cock the gun.... The solution is a hammer from a PRod (or Challenger) if you are putting the PRod trigger on a 7/8" OD tube (22XX).... If it's going on a Disco, you also need to grind a relief in the top front of the new hammer to clear the front breech screw....

If you are putting the trigger on a 13XX tube, you will also need to relieve/lengthen the sear slot as the PRod sear will hang up on it, preventing cocking (or causing a dangerous partial cock).... Having said that, it's worth spending the time putting a PRod trigger on a 22XX or 13XX as it's far superior to the original.... Just be aware that while it is a "bolt on" (as in the screws fit), it still requires other mods to function safely/properly....


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(Login Craig3R)
Crosman Forum Member

How to mod the sear ?

November 2 2012, 5:12 PM 

When you said - need to relieve/lengthen the sear slot - did you mean this is a simple filing job? Maybe a round file to take of a fraction here or there? Or is it more complicated?

By the way, thanks for all the info!

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(Login rsterne)

The easiest way is to lengthen the slot....

November 2 2012, 6:14 PM 

so that it clears the front of the sear... IIRC, about 1/8"-3/16" is required.... Some tubes only need a flat filed of that length (about halfway through the tube) instead of cutting out the slot.... Either way, you can do it with a file or Dremel....

This mod is only necessary on the smaller OD of the 13XX tube.... You may need a custom hammer made for that, of fill the waist in the original hammer in with JB weld.... The 22XX tube needs no modification, only the hammer as I mentioned above....


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(Login markasaurus)
Crosman Forum Member

Re: Will grip frame fit other Crosman Pistols?

November 3 2012, 11:17 PM 

Yes, the marauder grip absolutely will fit crosman 13xx pistols and will work perfectly. I know because I have a 1322 and I did this very same mod. And I am very happy with the results.

This mod is not cheap, but is absolutely cheaper and better then throwing $40-100 fixing the unfixable. You can throw lots of money on roller hammers, double stage sears, spring guides, ad infinitum. and you still wind up with...a 13xx trigger. The marauder pistol mod results in a DRAMATIC improvement to the trigger action and if you shoot your 13xx pistol a lot, at long range, or for taking game, I think it is well worth doing.

You can buy the grip frame assembly from Crosman complete. Everything comes with it except the grips, but you can use your old 13xx grips, they will fit no problem. Crosman does not always have them in stock, the first time i called they didn't but i called a week later and they did.

There are a few mods you will have to make to use it on your 13xx but if you can take apart your pistol and put it back together, at least the grip frame, they are not overly difficult. As stated by other people in this post, your 13xx hammer won't work as is. On the marauder the hammer is straight along its length, on the 13xx you have the concave section behind the hammer face, this creates a notch that catches the sear whenever you cock the gun. The only real solution is to mod the hammer or get a solid hammer. You can order a solid hammer from Charles at mellonair, the only person I know who makes them, and/or do the cheap and fast fix which is to fill that area on the hammer with JB weld and do final sand so its flat.

Been using mine that way for months now and the JB weld is still holding up, while waiting for my solid hammer. For a more permanent solution, email mellonair and tell Charles you want "the solid hammer for the marauder pistol grip mod for your 13xx". He knows what you need and he will machine a solid hammer for you and he does it for a very low price (i still haven't got it yet, at the unbelievably low prices he charges, can barely keep up with demand so expect a wait).

Here's some links on how to do the marauder grip frame mod.,4561.0.html,8464.0.html

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(Login Dnadnnoid)
Crosman Forum Member

barrel for 22 bucks?

November 2 2012, 8:52 PM 

what kind of barrel is it? aren't they made by lothar walther or something?

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Mark G.
(Login mark600)
Crosman Forum Member

No, it's a standard barrel.

November 4 2012, 9:31 AM 

The new 1720T has a 12" LW, but it is .177.

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Mark Gravelle

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