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Cleaning the barrel on a .177 M4? Any tips on how to - DYI?

September 20 2013 at 10:52 AM

John  (Login MagicNumber)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

So I might need to clean the barrel on my M4-177. Anyone have tips on how to do this with material I already may have in the garage/shop?

I looked on PA and found a Gamo Deluxe Cleaning kit for .177/.22/.25 for $30. Is that one any good.

I also have some felt cleaning pellets from an old Crossman pistol that are unused and in .177

Can I soak them in something and then run them through the barrel? Say like Rem Oil or a mild penetrate - I should have about anything in my shop related to working on cars and outboards etc...

The only cleaning product I have is a boresnake for a .17HMR Tarus Pistol - but it has a weight at the end that goes into the breech end first and then the weight and string run down the barrel and you pull it through. I do not think the weight will fit into the space where the clip goes - and I was told once to NEVER clean from the muzzle end inward.

Any tips or suggestions on cleaning kits to get would be appreciated. I do own airguns in all three calibers.

Thank you!



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James S
(Login jamesinadvance)
Crosman Forum Member

To many ways to do it and a couple of question for you

September 21 2013, 10:40 AM 

You say you "may" need to clean the bore. Are you having accuracy issues? If you have a new air gun there may be a real need to clear the barrel of the factory protective gunk/oil whatever. All the Crosman barrels I have, needed a good cleaning and a few needed crowning and lapping to achieve an acceptable level of accuracy. After an initial cleaning you may not need to clean very often, if at all, depending on the barrel.

Everybody seems to have an idea of how to clean or as some say not to clean an airgun barrel. If you do a simple search using the "search feature at the right side of the home page you will see what I mean, at the minimum the best option is to do no harm. In other words stay away from solvents and oils that might harm the seals and plastic parts. Simple Green or alcohol seems to be a popular choice here for bore cleaning. For lubrication and protection airgun oil or simple NON DETERGENT 20 wt. motor oil, emphasis on the non detergent part. I use 20 wt.airtool oil or a very light coat of Vaseline for the innards and a very small amount of oil in the barrel and on the exterior, being sure to keep it out of the valve area. Air gun barrels are soft metal so use a method that doesn't wear the muzzle by rubbing away the rifling, a bore saver or small straw can prevent this.

I reccomend doing a search as stated above and go with the experts. What I do works for me but I am not as discerning or as smart as some of the senior members here.

James S

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Todd A D
(Login oddtodd1)
Crosman Forum Member

cleaning an air rifle....

September 21 2013, 5:34 PM 

Here is how I do it as I read on another forum. Take a piece of trimmer line. Cut one end sharp, and use a lighter to melt a decent sized ball on the other end. Thread a patch down the trimmer line to the ball and thread the line up through the barrel and pull through. I use rubbiing alcohol to clean my new rifles. Just keep pulling patches through till they come out clean. I never clean any of my other rifles though, just when I get a new one. I made that mistake once and it took forever to get it broke back in. Anyway, this is the method I've been using for the last 5 years and I haven't ruined anything yet. Hope this helps!

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Larry Miller
(Login breakfastchef)
Crosman Forum Member

JL Crown Saver, Cotton T-Shirt Patches...

September 21 2013, 6:11 PM fluid (Goo Gone, Ballistol, WD-40...) and, perhaps, a lubricant (airgun oil, Ballistol, Krytech, etc). This video pretty much sums up the barrel cleaning procedure.

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(Login Craig3R)
Crosman Forum Member

Cleaning kit tips M4-177

September 21 2013, 7:28 PM 

Hi John,

Regarding the cleaning kit, I have a similar product in the Daisy version. Works good.

Here are some tips I have learned about using the cleaning rods:

1) Be sure your airgun has enough room for the cleaning patch to pass through and exit the barrel completely. It needs to come all the way out into the breach area. If it will not completely clear the barrel, sometimes it is a real chore to then pull the cleaning rod back out. The patch gets wadded up and won't move. The M4-177 has enough room, I just checked

2) It is often best to cut the 1 inch square cleaning patches in half. Otherwise you have the same issue - they wad up and won't move.

3) You can break those .177 rods off real easy. I know, I've done it. If you end up with part of the rod stuck in the barrel you can shoot it out. I know, I've done it wink.gif (instant spear gun!)

4)I used what was in the house for a cleaning solvent. Everyone has a favorite. Best to simply read up on the subject and make your choice.

Good luck with your project. Those M4-177 can be real accurate. I am happy with mine.


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(Login MagicNumber)
Crosman Forum Member

Thanks for the help eberyone - I'll post an update later....

September 23 2013, 8:31 AM 

of what I ended up doing this weekend. I mentioned that I "might" need to clean the barrel because I am not getting the accuracy that others are getting out of their M4's..

Thanks for all the good advice!



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