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Well, I'll be! It actually works! I'm so excited to tell!

May 21 2017 at 9:28 PM
Phil  (Login Duane35)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Got the two-stage SSP gun together enough to try the pump system out!

Assembled the tubeworks, gave it a charge, pulled the retaining pin, KA-POW!! Didn't take much to pull the pin either. Factor in a 3.5:1 trigger advantage, should be nice on the finger and hold. Didn't take a can of spinach to pump either!

Sadly, don't have a bolt of all things. Pretty sure I do, but where?? May turn one out tomorrow so base figures can be had off the chrony.

Each stage is buttery smooth with noticeable second stage engagement. In fact, the second stage is slightly less load even considering the spring system. The ball bearing detent system can be felt releasing with an audible click.

Due to the spring system, an oversight - but a benefit, the springs being under load assist in opening the lever. Open the lever, it rebounds unloading the springs, right at the point of the first to second stage transition point; lever to 35 degrees. So, the operator only has to induce minimal effort and distance to fully open the lever.

Excited 😀, but disappointed in the bolt situation 😐. Too late to tinker...

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(Login Biohazardman)

Re: Well, I'll be! It actually works! I'm so excited to tell!

May 22 2017, 1:05 AM 

You have been werqing on that for awhile now always a great feeling when the first test is a positive one. My last test was not as good and the parts are still lying on the floor connected to the pump two plus months later. I am glad to see your project still moving along. Appreciate you taking us along on the build and spending even more time posting and answering questions.
I used to have a life. But now I have the forum. I am a sick man?

[linked image]

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James Perotti
(Login jpsaxnc)
Crosman Forum Member

Sounds good Phil. That's good about the lever opening, it's kind of a bummer

May 23 2017, 6:13 AM 

having to use as much force to open the lever as close it. Are you guys all moved in to your new place?

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(Login Duane35)
Crosman Forum Member

Oh, no. The lever is very easy to open.

May 23 2017, 8:33 PM 

What I meant is, that inch of travel on the second stage collapses the spring stack on the piston rod. Since it is under the given spring load, even after firing, once the lever is opened a little, the springs unload opening the lever by itself. It will only open that one inch of piston travel, or roughly 35 degrees on the lever. From there, the operator opens the lever rest of the way.

As far as the move, we had to go scout areas around Durham. The possibility for my job to transfer there is high. We wanted to get a heads up and check on places to make a better decision on where exactly.

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