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Questions about Challenger Barrel??

June 2 2017 at 11:28 AM

Rich D.  (Login Arkmaker)
Crosman Forum Member
from IP address

Hi Guys,

This is the place to ask this one........

Can you answer a couple oof questions about the newer Challenger barrel?

Is it the same length as a Disco barrel?

Does it have the same TP location and Lead In?

Is it a LW barrel?



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(Login GunNut10)
Crosman Forum Member

I have 2 Challenger barrels......

June 2 2017, 4:02 PM 

bought them from Crosman within the last 6 months.

.177 Cal
Length= 21 5/8"
TP= .135"
Not sure about the lead in as I don't have a Disco barrel.

With the the barrel inserted in a Disco breech or stock Crosman stock steel breech the TP lines up perfectly.

Yes, it is an LW barrel, very accurate.


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(Login BillKE4)
Crosman Forum Member

I have an Challenger LW barrel in a Disco breech.

June 3 2017, 7:22 AM 

As noted the TP is in the correct place & lines right up in the breech. The lead in does need to be enlarged as the disco breech is a bit larger/looser fit than the Challenger breech. I used a cone shaped Dremel stone followed by sandpaper to open & smooth the lead in.

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(Login gubb33ps)
Crosman Forum Member

Not quite "drop in"...

June 3 2017, 7:56 AM 

Like BillK, the issue Disco bolt didn't want to fit into the barrel lead. In my case, worked on the bolt rather than the barrel to get it to close/seal (working on the cheaper of the two parts).

Do end up short on a Disco tube. Looks a little odd to have the barrel shorter than the air tube, but will shoot just as well that way. The front sight base was designed to make up that "extra" length and just slides on/set screws down.

photo d494cbbd-8d6f-4b1d-aaf1-575b019d4599.jpg

photo 0da9eab6-a3a7-4db6-8569-92ff6e8b4a1f.jpg

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Rich D.
(Login Arkmaker)
Crosman Forum Member

Thanks, that is what I saw when

June 3 2017, 9:02 AM 

I measured last night. I might just make a muzzle break to take up the difference and a shade more. Looks like since I am in for a penny, I might as well be in for the whole pound. I had this Disco up for sale, but after some ridiclulous offers, decided to keep it. I think I will open up the TP to .095" (is at .085 now) and make a SS breech for it at the same time. Also, I bought one of Steves FFHD's and so I'll make a new endcap for it and give it a try.

The above is a little statterbrained, but once I'm totally finished, I will post the results. As she sits, I am getting 60 good shots with 7.33's from 2.4K down to 1.2K psi, average of 817 fps. Last night, I chronied the 10.34's and decided on opening up the TP a little and using the FFHD instead of adjusting the PA that is installed. When I cranked in to get the 10.34's up in the 820 fps range, it was pretty hard to cock and the shot count dropped to 30 good shots within a flat curve. If I can acheive a little more power via the TP vs spring tension, I think I will have a more consistant and easier shooting rifle. Anyway, that is the plan, but still lots of work to do!

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(Login ranedouglas)
Crosman Forum Member

excellent choice.

June 7 2017, 5:40 PM 

....i have this barrel fitted into a disco breech and an extended prod powertube. 22 shots with 10.5's....845 avg. fill to 2300 psi. very accurate. if you feel u need a longer barrel, just order a .20" lw barrel from goergia.....takes 4-5 weeks, and then you have to do lots of work to make it fit well onto a disco, but it really increases performance. they are 12mm od and $110 for lw. however, the $121 challenger barrel is much easier to fit in. also consider the $80 green mountain .25 mrod barrel.....i made one of those, too...but it's like 14mm od... pretty much have to have a machine shop lathe it down 7/16 od....a local shop charges me $20-30 to lathe down the .25 trail xl barrels to fit into disco barrel much better.

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(Login GunNut10)
Crosman Forum Member

I bought 2 Challenger barrels last December for.....

June 9 2017, 8:44 PM 

$93 each. Have they gone up to $121 now?

Say it isn't so, Ronald

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