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Planet Warp in Script

September 5 2001 at 4:46 PM

does anyone know of a Scipt out there to warp a planet into a sector with figs when a trade enters that sector????? I know they are out there but don't know where to get it.


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here it is

September 6 2001, 8:43 AM 

/* Planet Drop 1.0 */
/* Written by Guardian */
/* June 2000 - For Public Use */
/* MOdified by earth and Peanut for ATTAC TCP/IP Helper www.tw-attac.com */

CALL ZocTimeout(3600)

CALL ATTAC_Message("")
CALL ATTAC_Message("This P-Drop Script .... Make sure you are sitting in citidal")
CALL ATTAC_Message("Try to be at keys when active")
CALL ATTAC_Message("")

call ZocRespond("INACTIVITY WARNING:", "#")
CALL ZocSend("#")
CALL ZocWait("Report Sector ")
CALL ZocWait(":")
planet = ZocLastLine()
CALL ZocSend("p")
CALL ZocSend(planet)
CALL ZocSend("^M")
call ZocWait("Locked.")
CALL Zocsend("y")

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Messages off

September 16 2001, 2:51 PM 

make sure you turn fedcom messages off and private hails off too they're are some very tricky people out there
that blew this newbie to smoke with this script

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September 16 2001, 3:03 PM 

well... you gotta be careful... i didnt say this script was perfect. you can modify the script to filter out the comm stuff if you want

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