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September 14 2007 at 7:16 PM
WickedAwesome  (Login WickedAwesome)

How often do they have auditions? I'm always checking online to see if it ever says about one coming up but I never hear anything. Does anybody know?

.:*Flying High, Defying Gravity*:.

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Brie Leazer/Elphaba from the orpheum
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I DO!!

September 15 2007, 10:35 AM 

Well, you have to do your reaserch! You look around at any theater near you and if they are doing that play go and audition that's what i did.

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Re: I DO!!

September 17 2007, 9:33 PM 

What do you do for auditions? I've auditioned for a school musical before but I was wondering if it is different or not on Broadway. Do you just sing part of a song or do you have to have a monologue prepared? Also, what happens if you mess up, hit a wrong note, or something like that? I know Idina hit a wrong note when she auditioned and she still got the part. Does it not really matter as long as they can tell you can sing it or have the potential? Everyone messes up sometimes or has a bad singing day so you can't really base their singing capability in a 30 second audition. Right? Or are broadway auditions an "all or nothing" kind of thing?

.:*Flying High, Defying Gravity*:.

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Brie Leazer
(Login thetrueelphabaofmemphis)


September 18 2007, 9:29 PM 

Well, they are definetly different than school auditions. But, yes if you mess up in one note it does hurt you a bit if they have never heard of you before,but if you do perfect on the rest than you WILL (sometimes) make it you just have to give it your best shot and you'll follow through. Keep your hope up and keep DEFYING GRAVITY!!No,you do not always have to come prepared with monologue unless they tell you you have to beacause sometimes they already have something for you. I hope this helps you. I was kind of just typing you what i know if you have any more questions though you can still ask me!

!~!Your Elphaba!~!

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