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Gareth - the Man the Legend

March 16 2004 at 5:08 PM
Andy  (Login andymorgan)
Cardiff Uni Lacrosse Squad
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Anyone who missed the pub meal on sunday, will have missed that everyword he spoke was pure gold. It would appear he had an eventful night, all of which were designed to make us double up in fits of laughter.
Firstly there was his starter about 3/4 ish sunday morning ( tell the truth can't really remember the time by that stage ) when he walked into Uggy's lounge, sporting a fetching pair of marigold's saying "Uh... you might want to come look at this" - it appears he broke Ug's sink (but left the tap running so it was pissing all over the floor), quite what he was doing by the U-bend still confuses me, but there we go.
Then on the way home (must have been about half six ) managed to walk smack into a lampost and fell on his arse in the mud (I'm assured annie found it hilarious, though i've yet to hear how the suit hire company took it ). Once home he didn't stop though, getting in putting some potatoe wedges in the oven, before getting bored (mmm... I feel that may have been a mistake ). What do drunk, bored people do... well they put the radio on full, before picking up their squash racket and having a game against someone's window until security come and tell them to please stop as its 7 in the morning.
Then came my personal favourite of jamming an ironing board under his flatmates door so he would be unable to open it, before attempting to hot wire the iron to said flatmates door handle, to give him a warm hand when he got up ( fortunately the lead was not quite long enough).
You'd have thought after that eventful morning he'd have stopped - well he did. But still delivered pure gold with his line "Made a schoolboy error in the shower this morning lads", which we thought he meant forgot to take his clothes off or something, but no "I farted while pissed" - I'll leave you to draw your own conlusions.
As I said at the top ( which was a fair time ago now )pure gold, each one of them. And then we have the missing room from the last ball (me senses a theme developing here)and of course how could i forget about this.

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Re: Gareth - the Man the Legend

March 16 2004, 11:21 PM 

So what was ur nickname???Golden boy, as no dirt...hmmmm think there may have to be a rethink on this one.Off the top of my head, Marigold would be a fair one I think.

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Re: Re: Gareth - the Man the Legend

March 17 2004, 10:06 PM 

I'm limbering up for Saturday as we speak........As a post script to Andy's story my night ended on the kitchen table where I slept comfortably until late morning. Apparently my bed down the corridor was a stagger too far

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Re: Re: Re: Gareth - the Man the Legend

March 22 2004, 8:09 PM 

One last thing before the awards night is put to bed. It has come to my attention that my shower experience has been misinterpreted. The schoolboy error was in fact flatulating in a confined area after a night on the piss, nothing more....I would like to state for the record I am and always have been in full control of my basic bodily functions. THE END

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Gareth - the Man the Legend

March 23 2004, 1:56 PM 

Yeah, yeah whatever

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