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Forum Rules

by Matt Sasso (Login msasso)


1. Think of the question before you ask it
There is a good search function on the site that allows you to search all the info in the forum and there is a lot. Answering the same questions over and over gets to us a bit and wears us out. This forum is a resource for all levels of shooter so all questions are welcome but try to use the search function because you will probably find out what you want even faster than waiting for a reply.

If you expect someone to take the time to answer your question, please take the time to make sure it is written so others can understand it

3. Arguments
Keep arguments at the discussion level and do not escalate them. Name calling and crap slinging add no value

4. Be respectful
A forum allows all memebers to contribute and communicate equally but you still need to show respect for experience and patience.

5.Legality maturity and Insanity
Do not post anything about shooting illegal species, poaching, being disrespectful of your quarry or just ridicoulous stuff like shooting deer with a BB gun. It's a waste of time for everyone and if a Tree hugger looks at the site they will not realize that the person who made the post is a kid or just joking. It's an adult sport and boys don't get guns unless their fathers think they can handle it. If you are not sure of your local laws we'll point you to resources.

6. Kids, boys and youngins
In many ways I created this forum for you. It is a manifistation of all the things that were not available to me when I was young and was looking for information about hunting. I've tried very hard to offer assistance to young suburban hunters everywhere. All I ask is that you think of this forum as a hunting camp that your Grandfather has brought you to. Listen, learn and ask questions and add value when you can but try not to bounce of the walls.

I am really glad to have everyone on the forum and I will be getting back to writing, posting and shooting video for the site. Thanks to all for your cooperation.

Matt Sasso

This is your site. Make it great!

Airgin hunters Message board

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