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- New Poster - Squirrels/Crows/Little Bird Pics ( Graphic ) -

by Brock (Login HunterBrock)

I have been coming to this site for about 3 months now because I was interested in Airgun Hunting ever since I had been down to my buddys and we had shot a few pesty crows. I than decided that I'd do some research on some guns, and find one I liked then buy it. I found this site, and searched around until I found the gun I wanted with my budget of $250. I found what I though would be a good starter gun, it had alright reviews and seemed to get the job done, it was the Gamo Hunter Elite. It was on sale for $275 and I decided I could afford the extra bit.
I go to checkout, and I find I couldnt choose Canada as the country. I was all confused and didnt know why, so I send in a support ticket. Come to find out, cant order anything without a PAL or FAC over 500 fps, some online stores wont even ship anything without the PAL. So after fuming over that, I decide to check out my local stores to see whats in stock. Of course I go to good old Wal-Mart to check out there stock, and while Im there I notice one of the other guns I had seen online! The Crosman Phatom. But I look at the box and its only 500 fps and .22, so I ask the employee working if they have any 1000 FPS ones in stock, and he tells me that they dont sell them because you need a license to buy them! SO after my shock of all this new info, I decide to buy the Phantom from walmart for $90 because it was $110 at Canadian Tire, and most of the other guns seemed just the same at Canadian Tire, but with wooden stock.


SO, after using my gun for about 2 days, I fell that I could snipe a penny from 50 yards with my iron sights ( confident I know :D ). So I go out into the backyard to look for those cocky little birds that seem to eat the shit out of our garden. Im not sure what they are called, but after about 5 minutes of looking, I find 2 of then in one of our shrubs. I load in one of my Crosman Premier Hollow Points, line up one of the little shits, and CRACK, he flops onto the ground and the others fly away. I got him right around the neck, and the others havent been back for the week :D
[linked image]
[linked image]


After feeling the rush of that, I decide that Saturday morning I will go out and try and get some crows or chipmunks or even squirrels. I wake up at around 9 am and head out at around 11. I walk about 2 minutes into the woods and I immediately see two squirrels, One ran and the other froze on the branch and tried to stay really still. I aimed up its head, and CRACK it fell out of the tree, head split open, dies immediately... Then I slowly turn around and try to find the other but I cant see him. So I stay really still for about 5 minutes and I hear scurrying above my head. My gun already loaded with my Crosman Premiers, I slowly look up and the basterd is no word of a lie, about 10 feet up the tree right in front of me! He stares right at me as I put his head in my sights and CRACK, he falls within a foot of where im standing. He does that crazy little dance squirrels do when they get hit, then collapses , dead.. I decided to stay where I am because it seems like there are alot of squirrels. I stand still and look around for about 10 minutes, when another squirrel runs across a branch about 25-30 yards ahead of me, I can just see him through the branches, I sight up, and hit him right in the neck, he falls through about 50 branches and lands dead...
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]


I was eating breakfast and my 2 small dogs were outside on there leashes. I happen to look out and notice 2 crows flying really close to then squaking and cooing like they do. My dogs arent very big and are barking there faces off. The crows then decided to perch themselves both on the same branch just at the edge of my property before the woods. I get my dogs inside and decide to teach the crows a lesson, they always seem to be tearing up my trash, so I decide to make them the trash. I grab my Phantom and put a Premier in it. I go out side on my back deck, but cant see them good enough. I sneak up so I am just about 10 yards away and they both are just sitting there squaking. I am well hidden and they dont notice me raise my gun and fire. I hit the one on the right in the base of the skull, he falls 30 feet out of the tree, and is dead. The most amazing thing is, the other crow doesnt even move! His head is just kind of moviung around, looking for his buddy, so I aim and get him in the lung area, I then have to take another shot and finish him, because he wasnt fully dead when he hit the ground, he was still kicking..
[linked image]
[linked image]

Hope more people will start posting pics :D,

Hunter Brock

I try to take all my game as humanly as possible. I try to make all my shots one shot kills, although sometimes it takes two. out of those 5 kills, only 1 took two shots.

Posted on Jun 7, 2009, 4:42 PM
from IP address

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