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Suggestions for a guitar for a beginner?

May 16 2006 at 8:05 PM
Mike G.  (Login Homespun91)
from IP address

My son, 13, has been playing for about a year more or less. He's using my '87 Strat (Fender of Japan, iffen that makes a diff) to learn & having some difficulty. He says his hands don't fit it very well.

I learned back in the mid '80s on a couple of Les Pauls, an older Custom & a '57 reissue. When I first tried a Strat I thought it was somewhat easier to play, as a beginner, which is why I started him on a Strat last year.

He picked up a cheap Paul copy at a show, played it a little, & liked it a whole lot better. Dunno if it was because it was new & different, or if it really was easier. I was a little dismayed, as it pretty much seemed like a piece of crap. Bad pickups, plywood body, (or something!), just cheap all the way around. Sounded like crap too, to me anyway.

So, my question is, does anyone have suggestions on a decent Les Paul copy? I haven't got a look at the Epiphones yet, other than the cheapest ones, which are about the equivalent of a Squier Strat in $$ & quality, $100. I'd imagine that Gibson makes some Epiphones in higher quality, similar to the Mexico Strats. Obviously I can't see him spending his $$$ on a real Les Paul at this stage of playing. There's any number of Paul copies on the Bay, but I'm a little uneasy about buying something unseen, unheard. The local music stores carry Yamaha, BC Rich, & genuine Gibson.

If it makes a difference, he plays through a Fender Deluxe 112 amp, a little 69w cab actually made by Fender in the US.

Any thoughts, comments, or "If you don't play Gibson and Marshall, yer a wanker!" statements welcome. Sorry about the long post.

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